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Nothing Takes Away The Pain Of A Packers Loss Quite Like Jay Cutler Throwing Off His Back Foot, Getting Picked Off And Then Bitched At By A Teammate In Street Clothes


by Tommy Gimler

For the eighth consecutive season, it looks as though the biggest pick-me-up for Packers fans after watching Aaron Rodgers and his teammates play like real assholes for 60 minutes is going to be the sight of Jay Cutler playing like an even bigger asshole during the same week.

Just So We’re Clear, Greg Jennings Was An Absolute Turd After He Left The Packers

greg jennings

by Tommy Gimler

In another sign that the NFL season can’t get here soon enough, we’re actually doing a story on Greg Jennings today.

R.I.P. Dennis Green, Owner Of The Best NFL Press Conference Meltdown Of All Time

dennis green dead

by Tommy Gimler

Former Vikings and Cardinals head coach Dennis Green passed away from complications of cardiac arrest Thursday night at the age of 67, but his shit-your-pants awesome tirade following a 2006 loss to the Bears will surely live on forever.

The Kick That Finally Broke Our Resident Vikings Fan

vikings fan after blair walsh missed fg

by Teddy Westside

love the Vikings.

Seriously, The New Detroit Lions Offensive Coordinator’s Name Is Jim Bob Cooter

jim bob cooter arrested

by Tommy Gimler

In what is a real news story and an upset of biblical proportions, some guy with the last name Lombardi was just replaced by some dude with the last name Cooter.

Nobody Was More Disgusted With The Detroit Lions Yesterday Than This Fan Who Barfed In The Stands

lions fan puking

by Tommy Gimler

We’re not sure if this girl got sick because she saw the Cardinals’ 42-17 curb stomping of the Lions in its entirety yesterday or if she saw Matthew Stafford shirtless on the sideline after he got benched. Hell, we’re not even sure if this is a girl.

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