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Ray McDonald Can Eat A Bag Of Dicks And So Can The Bears

ray mcdonald mugshot

by Frank Rhombus

Well, if his latest arrest for domestic violence leads to jail time, he might not have a choice in the matter.

Former Bears Coaches State The Obvious, Say Bears Can’t Win With Jay Cutler

jay cutler bears can't win

by Tommy Gimler

Um, no shit.

Good Luck With That New Offensive Coordinator, Baltimore


special to the DUD from The Dug

In a week full of good news for Chicago Bears fans, word that Marc Trestman was hired as the Baltimore Ravens new OC is right at the top for me.

Why Was Clay Matthews Not On The Field Late In The Fourth Quarter Of The NFC Championship Game?

clay matthews nfc championship

by Tommy Gimler

Fuck Morgan Burnett sliding to the ground after intercepting a Russell Wilson pass with just over five minutes left in regulation. Fuck Brandon Bostick attempting to corral the onside kick with just over two minutes left in regulation instead of doing what he was supposed to do: block. Fuck the refs “missing” Marshawn Lynch grabbing his shit after scoring the go-ahead touchdown and not penalizing him 15 yards. If Packers fans are looking for more fuel to add to the conspiracy fire that was the epic Green Bay collapse Sunday afternoon, check this out.

Evil Cowboy Wench Strips 10-Year-Old Lions Fan Of Musical Chairs Title

musical chairs

by Adam Pockross

Regardless of what happens on the Frozen Tundra on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys are already winners in my heart. Any organization that can inspire the dashed hopes and dreams of a ten-year-old boy should feel proud of themselves.

Probably The Greatest NFL Preview You Will Ever See

Taiwanese Cowboys Lions Preview

by Tommy Gimler

The NFL is almost as unpredictable as dating a bipolar broad, as in both cases, you never know what you’re going to get. Based on that rationale alone, we would normally tell you that a preview of any NFL game is almost as worthless as a Jonas Brother. But these crazy fuckers from Taiwan have come up with a one for the ages, and it’s a must-see.

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