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Is This Somebody Who’s On The Detroit Lions Or A Serial Killer Or Some Dude Who Was Executed?


by Tommy Gimler

The craziest part about the Detroit Lions being in control of the NFC North this year is the fact that nobody knows who’s on this fucking team.

This One Play Pretty Much Sums Up The 2016 Green Bay Packers Season, Which Is Now Over


by Tommy Gimler

Well, at least now Packers fans finally know what it’s been like for Chicagoans the last 10 years, wasting away your Sunday by spending almost four hours rooting for the fucking Bears.

Packers WR Geronimo Allison Used To Be Quite The Freak On Twitter


by Tommy Gimler

Almost as much fun for Geronimo Allison as catching touchdowns at the NFL level? You guessed it: Telling “hoes” their “pussy ain’t shit” on Twitter.

Fox Sports Has Been Photoshopping Sam Bradford’s Head On Teddy Bridgewater’s Body This Year


by Tommy Gimler

Oh, so that‘s why Bradford doesn’t suck balls this year. It’s really just Teddy Bridgewater wearing a Sam Bradford mask. Got it.

How About This Poor Fucker From Wisconsin Who Was Stabbed 7 Times Because He Had A Vikings Inflatable In His Yard?


by Frank Rhombus

And by poor we mean that he looks unemployed and broke because the checks from the state stopped rolling in months ago.

And Here We Have A Vikings Fan Biting The Heads Off Live Fish Before The Game Yesterday

vikings fan bites head off fish

by Tommy Gimler

At 5-0, the Vikings are for real. And so are the fish who no longer have heads thanks to this winner before Minnesota’s 31-13 curb stomping of Houston yesterday.

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