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Here Are Your Completely Biased NFC East Predictions From An Eagles Fan


special to the DUD by The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Sean Green

August is probably the best month to be a football fan, unless you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Chargers. Then you’re having to come to terms with the fact that your first and second round picks are both out for the entire season.

The Best Gambler In Los Angeles Is Here To Tell You How The Shitty NFC East Will Go Down This Year


special to the DUD courtesy of the Sports Gambling Podcast’s Sean Green

Time for my annual tradition of breaking down the NFC East win totals from a completely biased, non-rational approach that only an Eagles fan like myself can execute.

Dexter Manley Said Black Quarterbacks Like Running Because They’re ‘Used To Running From The Law’

Dexter Manley blacks running from the law

by Tommy Gimler

Well, odds are he didn’t read that off the cue cards.

4 Things We Know Heading Into Week 8 Of The NFL

redskins blow job 1

by Frank Rhombus

It looks like fans in our nation’s capital are finding ways to stay “up” even when their beloved team is down 17 points at halftime to one of the worst teams in the NFL.

Look How Much Fun They Had At Last Night’s Giants-Redskins Game

drunk giants redskins fan wheelchair

by Frank Rhombus

It’s one thing to get kicked out of a game for excessive or underage drinking, but it takes a special kind of asshole to get so fucked up that you have to carried out of the stadium in a wheelchair.

Now The Redskins GM’s Wife Had To Apologize For Accusing An ESPN Reporter Of Giving BJs To Get Her Stories


by Tommy Gimler

Dear Redskins: Are you fucking kidding me?

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