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Look How Much Fun They Had At The Eagles-Redskins Game Monday Night

eagles redskins fight

by Tommy Gimler

Kirk Cousins might have gotten his ass kicked on the field Monday night, but it was a different story in the beer line at the Link.

Here Are Your Completely Biased NFC East Predictions From An Eagles Fan


special to the DUD by The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Sean Green

August is probably the best month to be a football fan, unless you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Chargers. Then you’re having to come to terms with the fact that your first and second round picks are both out for the entire season.

The Best Gambler In Los Angeles Is Here To Tell You How The Shitty NFC East Will Go Down This Year


special to the DUD courtesy of the Sports Gambling Podcast’s Sean Green

Time for my annual tradition of breaking down the NFC East win totals from a completely biased, non-rational approach that only an Eagles fan like myself can execute.

There’s Nothing Quite Like A Compilation Of Crazy Eagles Fans To Help Get You Ready For Some Football

crazy eagles fans

by Tommy Gimler

Eagles fans might boo Santa Claus, cheer when an opposing team’s player is lying unconscious on the field and tell your 11-year-old kid to go fuck himself, but at least they’re not going to shank you in the parking lot after their team gets smoked like those Cowboys fans.

Snoop Dogg Loses Fantasy Football Game, Thinks Chip Kelly Should Kill Himself Because Of It

snoop dogg chip kelly

by Frank Rhombus

The only thing funnier than the Philadelphia Eagles trying to play football is the ensemble of reactions their shitty play generates afterward.

Set Aside 10 Minutes To Watch This Eagles Fan Lose His Fucking Mind Over Yesterday’s Game

eagles fan loses his mind

by Tommy Gimler

Eagles fans are no doubt upset after their beloved team got absolutely curb stomped by the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday, but we’re pretty sure you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody more pissed off about it than this guy.

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