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Idiot Packers Fan In Florida Burns Himself When He Tries To Put On Flaming Cowboys Jersey

timothy salyers

by Tommy Gimler

And by “flaming” we mean that it was actually on fire, not one of those Ezekiel Elliott crop top jerseys.

Here Are Your Completely Biased NFC East Predictions From An Eagles Fan


special to the DUD by The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Sean Green

August is probably the best month to be a football fan, unless you’re a fan of the Los Angeles Chargers. Then you’re having to come to terms with the fact that your first and second round picks are both out for the entire season.

Cowboys DE David Irving Had His Nipple Ring Yanked Out At Practice This Week

David Irving

by Frank Rhombus

Dude, it’s the NFL, not Key West.

Lucky Whitehead Isn’t Very Lucky, Gets Cut By Cowboys Day Before Cops Apologize For Falsely Identifying Him As Man Arrested For Shoplifting

Lucky Whitehead

by Tommy Gimler

It’s official: You can’t play football for the Dallas Cowboys unless you get arrested for real.

Hi, I’m Randy Gregory And I’m A Fucking Idiot

Randy Gregory

by Frank Rhombus

You’d think that if somebody offered you more than $3.8 million to not smoke weed and just play football for four years, you’d respond by saying, “Thanks for the easy money, bitch.”

Michael Irvin Says Ezekiel Elliott Talking About Running The Football Makes Him Want To Jerk Off

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

by Tommy Gimler

If that’s the case, he’d probably rip his dick off if somebody gave him a free trial to Brazzers.

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