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Hi, I’m Randy Gregory And I’m A Fucking Idiot

Randy Gregory

by Frank Rhombus

You’d think that if somebody offered you more than $3.8 million to not smoke weed and just play football for four years, you’d respond by saying, “Thanks for the easy money, bitch.”

Michael Irvin Says Ezekiel Elliott Talking About Running The Football Makes Him Want To Jerk Off

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals

by Tommy Gimler

If that’s the case, he’d probably rip his dick off if somebody gave him a free trial to Brazzers.

Stay On The Sidelines, Romo


by Will Kay

Few quarterbacks in the last ten years have been as polarizing as Tony Romo.

The Best Gambler In Los Angeles Is Here To Tell You How The Shitty NFC East Will Go Down This Year


special to the DUD courtesy of the Sports Gambling Podcast’s Sean Green

Time for my annual tradition of breaking down the NFC East win totals from a completely biased, non-rational approach that only an Eagles fan like myself can execute.

The #1 Selling NFL Jersey Belongs To…Wait, Ezekiel Elliott?

elliott jersey

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a bigger surprise than Gerard Butler still finding work.

Look How Much Fun They Had At Last Night’s Eagles-Cowboys Game

eagles cowboys fight

by Tommy Gimler

It looks as though attending a Dallas Cowboys home game wearing the opposing team’s apparel is still about as good of an idea as sticking your penis in the microwave.

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