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Here’s A Gross Reminder From Jason Pierre-Paul Of What Happens When You Play With Fireworks

jpp fireworks hand

by Tommy Gimler

The craziest part is that there are thousands of women out there looking at this picture and thinking, “You know what? I’d still fuck him.”

Dexter Manley Said Black Quarterbacks Like Running Because They’re ‘Used To Running From The Law’

Dexter Manley blacks running from the law

by Tommy Gimler

Well, odds are he didn’t read that off the cue cards.

Snoop Dogg Loses Fantasy Football Game, Thinks Chip Kelly Should Kill Himself Because Of It

snoop dogg chip kelly

by Frank Rhombus

The only thing funnier than the Philadelphia Eagles trying to play football is the ensemble of reactions their shitty play generates afterward.

Set Aside 10 Minutes To Watch This Eagles Fan Lose His Fucking Mind Over Yesterday’s Game

eagles fan loses his mind

by Tommy Gimler

Eagles fans are no doubt upset after their beloved team got absolutely curb stomped by the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday, but we’re pretty sure you’d be hard-pressed to find somebody more pissed off about it than this guy.

The New York Giants Would Be 8-2 If They Weren’t Such Shitdicks

giants lose to patriots

by Tommy Gimler

Although, it could be way worse, Giants fans. I mean, imagine being a Cowboys homer right now, or for the last 15 years for that matter.

Look How Much Fun They Had At Last Night’s Eagles-Cowboys Game

eagles cowboys fight

by Tommy Gimler

It looks as though attending a Dallas Cowboys home game wearing the opposing team’s apparel is still about as good of an idea as sticking your penis in the microwave.

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