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Add LeSean McCoy To The List Of Fucking Idiots Who Think Chip Kelly Is Racist

lesean mccoy chip kelly racist

by Frank Rhombus

We expect shit like this from Stephen A. Smith, but Shady McCoy? C’mon, meow.

Praise Jesus! Tim Tebow Prop Bets Actually Exist

gambling on tim tebow

special to the DUD from Sean Green of the Sports Gambling Podcast

Two of the things I’m most passionate about in life are the Philadelphia Eagles and gambling on NFL football. I’ve already broken down the NFL Week One lines, and I can’t find any props yet for the NFL draft. Thankfully, there is something we can gamble on: Tim Tebow. For all the over-hype and over-cover of the Tebow signing, the ability to gamble on him is a silver lining.

Greg Hardy Doesn’t Like It When Teammates Call Him A ‘Woman Beater’

greg hardy woman beater

by Frank Rhombus

Well, that’s something he should have thought about before he beat the piss out of a woman.

Stephen A. Smith Is An Idiot, Thinks Chip Kelly Is Racist

stephen a smith chip kelly racist

by Tommy Gimler

Here is how Stephen A. Smith’s brain works: Chip Kelly let Jeremy Maclin go this offseason, but he kept Riley Cooper. Therefore, Chip Kelly must hate black players.

Fake Larry Donnell Tells MSNBC Idiot He Was Sitting In Delta’s ‘Fuck Her In The Pussy’ Section

Fake Larry Donnell MSNBC

by Tommy Gimler

We’re not sure how much it costs to upgrade to that section of the plane, but it sounds totally worth it.

Nate Allen Cleared Of Jerking Off In His Truck Because He Was Slumming It At Red Lobster Instead


by Tommy Gimler

We’re actually not sure which is more embarrassing here, getting accused of masturbating in your truck by a 16-year-old girl or settling for imitation seafood despite the fact that you pulled down $3 million last year.

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