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Look How Much Fun They Had At Last Night’s Giants-Redskins Game

drunk giants redskins fan wheelchair

by Frank Rhombus

It’s one thing to get kicked out of a game for excessive or underage drinking, but it takes a special kind of asshole to get so fucked up that you have to carried out of the stadium in a wheelchair.

Jason Pierre-Paul’s Hand Is Almost As Fucked Up As Gary Busey’s Face

jpp fireworks hand

by Andy Ostroff

God damn, son.

Look How Much Fun They Had At The Bills Game Yesterday

Bills fan puke and pass out

by Tommy Gimler

And we’re not trying to be sarcastic here either. If we would have said, “Look how much fun attending the Raiders game yesterday was,” then yeah, that would have been sarcastic. But hot damn, guys, it looks like we all need to road trip it to Buffalo for a game this year.

Charles Haley Once Put His Massive Dick On Matt Millen’s Shoulder During A Game Of Cards

charles haley dick on matt millen shoulder

by Tommy Gimler

And now we know why Matt Millen hates snakes.

Now The Redskins GM’s Wife Had To Apologize For Accusing An ESPN Reporter Of Giving BJs To Get Her Stories


by Tommy Gimler

Dear Redskins: Are you fucking kidding me?

Robert Griffin III Got A Standing Ovation At A Luncheon Today

rg iii standing ovation

by Andy Ostroff

Well, then Jay Gruden must not have been there.

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