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Nate Allen Cleared Of Jerking Off In His Truck Because He Was Slumming It At Red Lobster Instead


by Tommy Gimler

We’re actually not sure which is more embarrassing here, getting accused of masturbating in your truck by a 16-year-old girl or settling for imitation seafood despite the fact that you pulled down $3 million last year.

Riley Cooper Represents Black History Month In The Eagles Team Calendar This Year

riley cooper calendar

by Tommy Gimler

Wow. What’s next, Duck Dynasty airing on Bravo?

Evil Cowboy Wench Strips 10-Year-Old Lions Fan Of Musical Chairs Title

musical chairs

by Adam Pockross

Regardless of what happens on the Frozen Tundra on Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys are already winners in my heart. Any organization that can inspire the dashed hopes and dreams of a ten-year-old boy should feel proud of themselves.

Adam Feuerberg’s Somewhat Monthly Report On OH MY GOD, THE COWBOYS WON A PLAYOFF GAME

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys

by Adam Feuerberg

Okay so maybe they got some help from the refs but fuck yeah!

Probably The Greatest NFL Preview You Will Ever See

Taiwanese Cowboys Lions Preview

by Tommy Gimler

The NFL is almost as unpredictable as dating a bipolar broad, as in both cases, you never know what you’re going to get. Based on that rationale alone, we would normally tell you that a preview of any NFL game is almost as worthless as a Jonas Brother. But these crazy fuckers from Taiwan have come up with a one for the ages, and it’s a must-see.

It Looks Like DeMarco Murray Fucked His College Teammate’s Wife


by Frank Rhombus

Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray’s reps might have told TMZ last week that he was “focused on the Bears,” but according to a series of tweets sent out by a former teammate at Oklahoma, Murray couldn’t possibly have been totally focused on Chicago, and that’s because he was fucking that ex-teammate’s wife.

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