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Odell Beckham Jr. Now Has The NFL’s Richest Shoe Deal


by Tommy Gimler

Being an insanely huge lunatic apparently means insanely huge dollars these days.

Odell Beckham Was So Odell Beckham After Odell Beckham And The Giants Shit The Bed Against The Packers


by Frank Rhombus

Punching a hole in the wall, hey? Yeah, that’ll help you actually catch passes the next time around.

NFL Wild Card Weekend Is Perfect Time To Destroy Bookie With These Bets, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Happy New Year, bro! Let’s make it a year where we tear bookie’s asshole to pieces with these can’t miss bets on this silly game of American football, my friend!

Hi, I’m Randy Gregory And I’m A Fucking Idiot

Randy Gregory

by Frank Rhombus

You’d think that if somebody offered you more than $3.8 million to not smoke weed and just play football for four years, you’d respond by saying, “Thanks for the easy money, bitch.”

Some Of The Giants Are Preparing For The Packers By Partying With Justin Bieber

odell beckham justin bieber boat

by Frank Rhombus

Newsflash: The two biggest bitches on the planet were together in Miami last night.

So This Guy Is TOTALLY Sane


by Tommy Gimler

If the only available babysitter for your night on the town is Odell Beckham, you’re probably just going to want to stay in and make it a Domino’s night instead.

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