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You Should Take The Under For Every NFC East Team’s Win Total This Year

nick foles

special to The DUD from Sean Green

As a die-hard Eagles fan, the NFC East is the division I know best and the one I need to research the least when handicapping win totals. Granted my research process is just getting drunk on whiskey, watching YouTube videos, and blasting the NFL Primetime theme song until my girlfriend freaks out, but still, it’s a process. – Odds Courtesy of Bovada.

Load And Lock Up On These 2014 NFC Over/Under Win Totals, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

I’ll tell you what, bro. I am loving the numbers that the boys in Vegas have lay out for this year’s American football win total. I place eight bet already this year with my cousin Manesh, who is also biggest bookie in Howrah, my friend.

Time To Throw Your Fat Fuck Kid’s College Fund On These NFL Teams To Make The Playoffs


by Tommy Gimler

An oddsmaking firm in Nevada called CG Technology has given everybody here at The DUD massive erections after releasing playoff odds for the upcoming NFL season. Only 21 teams received playoff odds, meaning it could be a long fucking year for fans in Buffalo, Oakland, and Cleveland.

Nick Foles Apparently Has The Biggest Dick In The Eagles Locker Room

nick foles

by Frank Rhombus

The dude is slinging pigskins for the Philadelphia Eagles in the fall and winter, but Nick Foles apparently carries a gigantic purple-headed yogurt slinger with him year round.

Here Is The Advice We Assume Eli Manning Will Give To His Big Brother Peyton

peyton eli manning

by Tommy Gimler

ESPN’s Dan Graziano is reporting that Eli Manning is planning on giving his brother Peyton some advice before the Broncos travel to MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl 48. We imagine it’s going to go something like this.

Omaha Steaks Considering Showing Peyton Manning The Money


by Tommy Gimler

Everybody watching the Chargers-Broncos game on Sunday heard Peyton Manning yell “Omaha” at the line of scrimmage like six thousand times. Well, everybody except Lou Ferrigno. And now, at least one company is seriously considering paying Manning and other quarterbacks to yell their name at the line instead.

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