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The Seahawks Are Threatening My Marriage

seahawks nfc championship win

by Adam Pockross

I’m a Broncos fan. Always have been, as far as I can recall. Having grown up on the mean streets of Denver, I really don’t feel like I had a choice in that matter. Well, unincorporated Arapahoe County if you wannna be specific. But still, all John Elway, all the time.

A Broncos Fan Licks His Wounds


by Adam Pockross

It’s been three days since I came to grips with the fact that the Broncos wasted 17 of my past 19 Sundays. That’s time that could have been so much better spent reading “Moby Dick,” feeding the hungry, or going to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Mark Davis Is The NFL’s Best Owner (For A Broncos Fan)

mark davis

by Adam Pockross

Al’s kid, Mark Davis, the man who looks like he lost a horrible bet, is, thanks to his dead dad, the owner of the Oakland Raiders, a reportedly professional football team. You’d think an NFL team would have a figurehead who reflects strength and power as opposed to a guy who projects Lloyd Christmas, but that is not the case with the lowly Raiders.

7 Reasons Why Andrew Luck Is The Reincarnation Of John Elway

NFL: AFC Wildcard Playoff-Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

special to the DUD from Sean Green of the Sports Gambling Podcast

If Andrew Luck’s story seems familiar it’s because it is. The Colts QB faces off against the Broncos this week in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. In some unique twists of fate, Luck’s life has proven eerily similar to the greatest Bronco of all time: John Elway.

Steve Atwater Has a Nickname for Bradley Roby’s Mom

bradley roby

by Eddie Bagelstein

See that title there? That’s how rumors get started. You try to tell a nice human nature story and all of the sudden a bunch of hack journalists take your soundbite and turn it salacious.

Here’s What Travis Kelce Thinks About The Penalty For Von Miller’s Cheap Shot

Travis Kelce air masturbating

by Tommy Gimler

We think that’s pretty much the same way Clark Griswold felt about his one-year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.

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