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The Story Of How Future Hall-Of-Famer Joe Thomas Cost Me $100

joe thomas retires

by Tommy Gimler

One of the greatest offensive linemen the NFL has ever seen decided to call it quits Tuesday morning.

The Cleveland Browns Are So Pig Shit Awful They Literally Killed A Guy

paul stark browns obituary

by Tommy Gimler

DeShone Kizer and company killed a ton of parlays this season, and now, it appears as though their play on the field killed at least one human being.

Just A Dude Humping The Air In Front Of DeShone Kizer’s Mom At The Browns-Colts Game

browns fan air hump

by Tommy Gimler

Man, that air is getting wrecked.

Three Things To Do As A Browns Fan Other Than Kill Yourself


by Tommy Gimler

If you’re in Cleveland and rooting for the Browns – and only the Browns – may God have mercy on your soul.

NFL VP Of Officiating Confirms That The Integrity Of An NFL Game Is At An All-Time Low


by Frank Rhombus

Add a fumble recovery to the list of things that are no longer definable by logic and common sense in today’s NFL.

Here’s Proof That God Does Indeed Hate The Cleveland Browns


by Tommy Gimler

And he must not give a shit about Ryan Fitzpatrick either.

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