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Johnny Football Has The NFL’s #1 Selling Jersey


by Tommy Gimler

But before Cleveland fans celebrate by injecting each other with heroin tonight, we should remind you that Tim Tebow once held that honor as well.

Shit Of Holy, Bro! It Is Time To Take Peak At 2014 AFC Over/Unders, My Friend

raiders fans

by Rakesh the Intern

I’m telling you, bro. You take away severe public urination problem and fact that everyone in my extended family smell like bad cheese from goat, and the summer away from America here in Howrah really is not too much of problem, bro. And apparently this sports blog has yet to matter in lives of enough Americans, so it look like my boss will have me writing about betting on American football without paying of money to me for doing so, my friend.

Time To Throw Your Fat Fuck Kid’s College Fund On These NFL Teams To Make The Playoffs


by Tommy Gimler

An oddsmaking firm in Nevada called CG Technology has given everybody here at The DUD massive erections after releasing playoff odds for the upcoming NFL season. Only 21 teams received playoff odds, meaning it could be a long fucking year for fans in Buffalo, Oakland, and Cleveland.

The Bogus Johnny Manziel Lawsuit Is The Funniest Thing We’ve Ever Read

Johnny Football

by Frank Rhombus

That’s a pretty bold statement considering we’ve also read the Bible.

Uh Oh, Browns Fans: Vince Young Is Trying Out For Your Team

vince young

by Tommy Gimler

The two or three Browns fans we’ve spoken with who live outside of Cleveland, and we think that might be good enough to say that’s 100% of them, can’t stomach the fact that management is considering drafting Johnny Manziel if he’s still available with the fourth overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. Well, if drafting Johnny Football makes them want to hurl, just wait until they find out who the Browns invited to their three-day minicamp that starts tomorrow. Eh hem, Vince Young.

Here’s Video Of Ray Rice’s Knocked Out Fiancee

ray rice

by Tommy Gimler

In case you haven’t heard, Ray Rice allegedly punched his fiancee in the face after she spit on him in an Atlantic City casino over the weekend. Now, TMZ Sports has obtained video of Rice dragging his knocked out fiancee Janay Palmer out of a Revel Casino elevator. And from what I’ve heard, I was in pretty much the same form as the Baltimore Ravens running back’s fiancee after my show at the Firewater Saloon in Chicago last night.

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