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Fartgate: Who Farted At The Beginning Of The Fourth Quarter Today In Denver?

phil simms jim nantz fart

by Tommy Gimler

Our money is on an undercooked patty melt not sitting well with Phil Simms, but when it comes to booth farts, you can never count out Jim Nance.

Fox 8 News In Cleveland Put A Wig And Mustache On A Midget And Reenacted Johnny Manziel’s Vegas Getaway

midget dressed as johnny manziel

by Frank Rhombus

Midgets = Ratings.

ESPN Said Chuck Pagano Was A Goner Last Week. In A Related Story, Colts Sign Chuck Pagano To Contract Extension

chuck pagano not fired contract extension

by Tommy Gimler

It might be a new year, but it’s the same old bull shit from the four-letter.

The Browns Might Suck Major Balls, But That Doesn’t Mean Their Fans Do

biscuit browns fan

by Frank Rhombus

How do draw the attention off of your back fat and back hair? Well, looking into a camera and muttering, “My name is Bill Cowher. I don’t have an upper lip, but if you got a cup of cum, I’ll sure to take a sip,” is a good start.

So, Was There Any Point To That Asshole On The Bengals Shoving That Camera Into The Cameraman’s Face Tonight?

vontaze burfict camera

by Frank Rhombus

I finally felt the pain of a Browns fan tonight, as throwing fifty bucks on that fucking team to lose by less than 13 points turned out to be about as good of an idea as giving a loaded firearm to Gary Busey.

Some Poor Browns Fan Ranked Every Single One Of His Beloved Team’s Losses Since 1999

dejected browns fan

by Tommy Gimler

Oh, the humanity!

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