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The Colts Are Going To Get Curb Stomped By The Patriots When Tom Brady Returns From His Suspension

tom brady suspended

by Tommy Gimler

If he even winds up getting suspended, that is. I mean, let’s be honest: Suspensions in the NFL seem to be overturned more often than Kanye West acts like a fucking turd in public, and that’s all the time.

Good Luck With That New Offensive Coordinator, Baltimore


special to the DUD from The Dug

In a week full of good news for Chicago Bears fans, word that Marc Trestman was hired as the Baltimore Ravens new OC is right at the top for me.

Bernie Kosar Said The Browns Front Office Makes Him Want To Puke, So We’ll Remind Everybody That His Daughter Is A Porn Star

lexxi silver bernie kosar

by Tommy Gimler

We’re not sure if it’s because of the concussions or the silos of Pabst, but Bernie Kosar is good for saying something that creates a headline at least once a year. And when he does, we like to take the time to remind everybody that his daughter is a porn star named Lexxi Silver.

Bills Fan Leans In For Selfie, Boyfriend Shoves Hand In Her Asshole

bills fan hand up ass

by Tommy Gimler

Buffalo Bills fans who attended Sunday’s 26-10 beatdown of the Cleveland Browns at Ralph Wilson Stadium must have really enjoyed themselves. Just probably not as much as this guy.

10 Things We Know After Week 3 Of The NFL

fat browns fan

by Tommy Gimler

After getting curb stomped by the Seahawks and sneaking past the Jets thanks to Marty Mornhinweg’s stupid ass, it looks like the Green Bay Packers might be in more trouble than Lindsay Lohan at an open bar wedding…

When Is Someone Going To Beat Some Sense Into Janay Rice?

ray and janay rice

by Eddie Bagelstein

It’s time somebody told the truth about this whole Ray Rice wife beating situation. Bitch got what she deserved.

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