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Look How Much Fun They Had At The 49ers-Dolphins Game


by Tommy Gimler

“I’ve got three kids up here, you fucking assholes!”

Ndamukong Suh Wasn’t The Only Dick On Your Television Screen During The 49ers-Dolphins Game


by Tommy Gimler

Look, when somebody draws a cock on your television screen during an NFL game, we’ve got you covered.

You Can Now Stop Talking About The Dolphins

gronk patriots beat dolphins

by Andy Ostroff

Unless you’re Lou Ferrigno, odds are you heard all of the national sports media pundits yuck it up the last four days about how good the Miami Dolphins are ever since a tight ends coach took over the team.

Have You Heard? Richie Incognito Is Coming Back To Miami


by Andy Ostroff

The Buffalo Bills are getting ready to take on the Miami Dolphins this Sunday, so you know you can look forward to a Richie Incognito subplot. Get ready to talk about your feelings because the four-letter is going to be all over this shit way before kickoff.

Here Is How The AFC East Will Finish, Bro

bald tom brady

by Rakesh the Intern

Now that this Tom Brady is no longer suspend from NFL, you would be crazier than my Uncle Soham to pick anybody other than Patriot to win AFC East, and that guy once ripped penis off of live goat and fed it to his kids. Sick shit, bro.

Miami Dolphins Beat Writer Adam Beasley Tweets Out Link To Casting Couch Video

adam beasley casting couch

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, at least it wasn’t a link to a Google search of guys sucking off other guys who look like Cameron Wake. Then things would have gotten really awkward.

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