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The Bills Mafia Was Once Again In Full Effect Today

bills mafia fire

by Tommy Gimler

Buffalo’s 30-27 win over Tampa Bay today was nice, but who gives a shit? It was a home game, baby, so the only reason we’re doing a story on it is because the Bills Mafia was once again at the top of their game.

Welcome Back, Bills Mafia!

bills mafia blow job

by Tommy Gimler

Not one but two reported knob jobs, and this was only Week One against the pig shit awful Jets!

This Video Of A Bills Fan Slipping And Still Catching His Beer That Flew In The Air Is Hotter Than Two Girls Scissoring Each Other

bills fan slip beer

by Tommy Gimler

By all accounts, the 2016 Buffalo Bills season was a complete failure. I mean, they lost to the Jets twice for fuck’s sake.

Best Of 2016: The Time The Bills Mafia Threw A Dildo Onto The Field


by Tommy Gimler

Rex and Rob Ryan might be gone from Buffalo, but the memory of “Tom Brady’s Dildo” will live in infamy.

It Finally Happened: A Fat Bills Mafia Dude Busted His Leg Jumping Through A Table Yesterday

bills fan breaks leg

by Frank Rhombus

“Broken ankle. Concussion. All of the above.”

And Here We Have The Bills Mafia Throwing A Dildo Onto The Field


by Tommy Gimler

You stay classy, Buffalo.

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