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It’s Official: If You Want To Get Paid To Fuck Up, Become A Meteorologist Or NFL Referee

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots

by Frank Rhombus

Even Stevie Wonder can see that piss-poor officiating has become a bigger part of NFL games than concussions and players getting tackled by their dicks.

If You’re Colorblind Then Watching Last Night’s Bills-Jets Game Was Tougher Than Trying To Take Lolo Jones To Pound Town

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

by Andy Ostroff

According to our good pal Vinny the Book, every pass on the field looked like an interception last night, and it had nothing to do with the caliber of the players at the quarterback position.

You Can Now Stop Talking About The Dolphins

gronk patriots beat dolphins

by Andy Ostroff

Unless you’re Lou Ferrigno, odds are you heard all of the national sports media pundits yuck it up the last four days about how good the Miami Dolphins are ever since a tight ends coach took over the team.

The Colts’ Fake Punt Play Was The Worst Play In The History Of The NFL And Colts Fans Really Let Chuck Pagano Know That Today

colts fake punt

by Tommy Gimler

This is why “Bring Your Retarded Kid To Work Day” is a bad idea, people.

Here’s A Bills Fan Doing A Line Of Blow At The Game

bills fan cocaine

by Tommy Gimler

Buffalo’s 24-10 loss to the Giants Sunday afternoon sure was a downer for the majority of the 70,677 fans at Ralph Wilson Stadium. But there was one Bills fan who made sure nothing was going to bring him down on this day.

Have You Heard? Richie Incognito Is Coming Back To Miami


by Andy Ostroff

The Buffalo Bills are getting ready to take on the Miami Dolphins this Sunday, so you know you can look forward to a Richie Incognito subplot. Get ready to talk about your feelings because the four-letter is going to be all over this shit way before kickoff.

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