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Buffalo Bills Offensive Line Coach Arrested For Punching Kid And Threatening To Kill His Family

aaron kromer arrested

by Tommy Gimler

Geez. Thank Christ there wasn’t an old lady cruising by in a wheelchair on her way to a 7-Eleven to get some scratchers because it sounds like this sick fuck probably would have thrown her into the Gulf of Mexico for an encore.

A Patriots Fan’s Response To The Shitshow Known As Deflategate

brady suspended

by Andy Ostroff

What’s worse, the Wells Report or the Patriots rebuttal to said report?

The Best Twitter Reactions To Tom Brady’s Suspension

tom brady suspended

by Tommy Gimler

It’s funny how people on Twitter think they matter because they don’t.

The Colts Are Going To Get Curb Stomped By The Patriots When Tom Brady Returns From His Suspension

tom brady suspended

by Tommy Gimler

If he even winds up getting suspended, that is. I mean, let’s be honest: Suspensions in the NFL seem to be overturned more often than Kanye West acts like a fucking turd in public, and that’s all the time.

Add LeSean McCoy To The List Of Fucking Idiots Who Think Chip Kelly Is Racist

lesean mccoy chip kelly racist

by Frank Rhombus

We expect shit like this from Stephen A. Smith, but Shady McCoy? C’mon, meow.

Nate Solder Is A Bad Ass


by Andy Ostroff

In case you missed it, New England Patriots’ offensive lineman Nate Solder reportedly was diagnosed with nut cancer last April, had said nut removed, and then played in every game of the Pats’ epic Super Bowl run.

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