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Shit Of Holy, Bro! It Is Time To Take Peak At 2014 AFC Over/Unders, My Friend

raiders fans

by Rakesh the Intern

I’m telling you, bro. You take away severe public urination problem and fact that everyone in my extended family smell like bad cheese from goat, and the summer away from America here in Howrah really is not too much of problem, bro. And apparently this sports blog has yet to matter in lives of enough Americans, so it look like my boss will have me writing about betting on American football without paying of money to me for doing so, my friend.

Time To Throw Your Fat Fuck Kid’s College Fund On These NFL Teams To Make The Playoffs


by Tommy Gimler

An oddsmaking firm in Nevada called CG Technology has given everybody here at The DUD massive erections after releasing playoff odds for the upcoming NFL season. Only 21 teams received playoff odds, meaning it could be a long fucking year for fans in Buffalo, Oakland, and Cleveland.

Jonathan Martin Was Fined $100 Numerous Times For Being A Big Pussy

jonathan martin

by Frank Rhombus

NFL investigator Ted Wells released an epic 144-page report on the Miami Dolphins yesterday detailing everything from Jonathan Martin’s pussy issues to Richie Incognito’s farts. The biggest takeaway? You guessed it: Martin was fined ten times as much as Incognito for tearing ass.

The Kellen Winslow Cranking One In A Target Parking Lot Jokes Have Already Begun

kellen winslow target parking lot

by Tommy Gimler

What do the woman who didn’t know the sale on home furnishings was over and Kellen Winslow have in common? They both got caught with their pants down at Target. What was Kellen Winslow doing in a Target parking lot? He was masturbating. Those jokes are fucking terrible. But thanks to Charles Barkley and the rest of the crew at Inside The NBA, this one is not.

Thanks To Kellen Winslow, “Looking For Boston Market” Can Now Be Used As Slang For Masturbating

kellen winslow

by Tommy Gimler

To say that we’re excited for this Sunday’s conference championship games is an understatement. But to say that we’re a “pull our SUV into a Target parking lot, open two containers of Vaseline, and start jerking off” kind of excited, well, that might be a stretch.

Omaha Steaks Considering Showing Peyton Manning The Money


by Tommy Gimler

Everybody watching the Chargers-Broncos game on Sunday heard Peyton Manning yell “Omaha” at the line of scrimmage like six thousand times. Well, everybody except Lou Ferrigno. And now, at least one company is seriously considering paying Manning and other quarterbacks to yell their name at the line instead.

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