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Rob Gronkowski Will Be On The Cover Of Madden 17

gronk madden cover

by Frank Rhombus

We’ll set the over/under of Gronk shattering one of his kneecaps at Week 4.

Colin Kaepernick Wants To Play For The Jets, Which Is Perfect Because He Sucks

colin kaepernick jets

by Tommy Gimler

Somebody might want to tell Colin Kaepernick that when you have $114 million remaining on your contract and you’re not even the highest-rated quarterback on your own team, you don’t get to call the shots.

Here’s A Broad Who Just Broke Up With Her Boyfriend So She’ll Let You Have His Ticket To The Patriots Game Just For Being Her Date

sexy patriots fan

by Frank Rhombus

And she sounds like a girl who will let you finger her at halftime at the very least.

Despite Getting A Vasectomy, Antonio Cromartie Is Expecting Twins


by Frank Rhombus

Jesus. Either this guy is 70 percent Latino or his surgery was conducted by Dr. Phil.

Here Are Our Best Guesses As To How Bill Belichick Got A Black Eye

bill belichick

by Tommy Gimler

We all know that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick loves doing press conferences about as much I enjoy getting the runs, but by the looks of things, he really didn’t want to do one today.

A Bills Fan Set Himself On Fire Today

bills mafia set on fire

by Tommy Gimler

Bills fans have been on fire this season. And now literally.

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