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IK Enemkpali Apparently Also Dabbles In Punching Trannies

ik enemkpali turd

by Frank Rhombus

Jesus Christ. This dude’s solution to anything that doesn’t go his way is beating the fuck out of somebody. You’ve been warned, Buffalo McDonald’s employees. If he says no Thousand Island dressing on his Big Mac, you best oblige or else you might be eating out of a straw for six to ten weeks.

According To The Deflategate Sketch Artist, Everybody At Yesterday’s Trial Had Down Syndrome

tom brady deflategate sketch artist

by Frank Rhombus

Maybe it’s just us, but we’re pretty sure Gisele wouldn’t have let Tom Brady as much as finger her if he really looked like that.

Geno Smith Getting Sucker Punched Just Made The Jets A Better Football Team

geno smith

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, remember that guy who punched an off-duty police officer at a Louisiana Tech bar when he was 19 and had to be subdued with pepper spray and a stun gun? Yeah, what do you think the worst case scenario would be if we signed him?

Buffalo Bills Offensive Line Coach Arrested For Punching Kid And Threatening To Kill His Family

aaron kromer arrested

by Tommy Gimler

Geez. Thank Christ there wasn’t an old lady cruising by in a wheelchair on her way to a 7-Eleven to get some scratchers because it sounds like this sick fuck probably would have thrown her into the Gulf of Mexico for an encore.

A Patriots Fan’s Response To The Shitshow Known As Deflategate

brady suspended

by Andy Ostroff

What’s worse, the Wells Report or the Patriots rebuttal to said report?

The Best Twitter Reactions To Tom Brady’s Suspension

tom brady suspended

by Tommy Gimler

It’s funny how people on Twitter think they matter because they don’t.

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