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Bills Mafia Bros Are Now Drinking Beers Out Of Girls’ Assholes

bills mafia butt luge

by Frank Rhombus

I mean, I’ll venture a guess that it tastes a lot better than if they’re doing it out of their uncles’ balloon knots.

Rex Ryan Posed As A Reporter During A Julian Edelman Interview But Surprisingly Didn’t Have A Question About Feet


by Tommy Gimler

Wow. That’s the equivalent to¬†Derrick Rose posing as a reporter during an interview with a woman and then not raping her.

The Bills Mafia Is Back, Baby!

drunk bills mafia

by Frank Rhombus

We’re pretty sure Deion Sanders is fucking hammered doing the Bills-Jets pregame tonight, but it’s nothing compared to this Bills Mafia member in what I guess you would call the Ralph Wilson Stadium parking lot.

An Absolute Dipshit Asked Bill Belichick If Tom Brady Will Be The Starter When He Returns

bill belichick jesus christ

by Tommy Gimler

Jesus Christ.

Marcus Vick Says LeSean McCoy Gave His Baby Mama Herpes

lesean mccoy herpes

by Tommy Gimler

Now that’s shady.

Rob Gronkowski Will Be On The Cover Of Madden 17

gronk madden cover

by Frank Rhombus

We’ll set the over/under of Gronk shattering one of his kneecaps at Week 4.

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