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Some Asshole On The Falcons Kicked His Now Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog And Killed It

082414 falcons CC36

by Frank Rhombus

Apparently, killing her Yorkie was a deal breaker.

Ray McDonald Can Eat A Bag Of Dicks And So Can The Bears

ray mcdonald mugshot

by Frank Rhombus

Well, if his latest arrest for domestic violence leads to jail time, he might not have a choice in the matter.

2015 AFC Over/Under Win Totals Are Out, Bro

Jack Del Rio, Reggie McKenzie, Mark Davis

by Rakesh the Intern

I’ll tell you something, bro. I really miss this game of American football, so when boss says, “Hey, Rakesh. Take shower so you don’t’ smell like shit from pig and then get me your AFC win total picks,” I say, “You got it, bro.”

2015 NFC Over/Under Win Totals Are Out, You Hookers

jameis winston is an idiot

by Tommy Gimler

What in the hell has happened to the NFL? I mean, the National Football League today has more in common with that turd Skip Bayless and the old TV show COPS than it does with the actual game of football.

A Patriots Fan’s Response To The Shitshow Known As Deflategate

brady suspended

by Andy Ostroff

What’s worse, the Wells Report or the Patriots rebuttal to said report?

The Best Twitter Reactions To Tom Brady’s Suspension

tom brady suspended

by Tommy Gimler

It’s funny how people on Twitter think they matter because they don’t.

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