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Here Is Your AFC West Preview, Bro

peyton manning old

by Rakesh the Intern

I’ll tell you what, bro. I am up in Williamsport, PA at this Little League World Series helping boss with work, and these local kids smell worse than cousin Anish, and he shit his pants like three times last week. And then the other three times he crap in street. Sad shit, bro.

IK Enemkpali Apparently Also Dabbles In Punching Trannies

ik enemkpali turd

by Frank Rhombus

Jesus Christ. This dude’s solution to anything that doesn’t go his way is beating the fuck out of somebody. You’ve been warned, Buffalo McDonald’s employees. If he says no Thousand Island dressing on his Big Mac, you best oblige or else you might be eating out of a straw for six to ten weeks.

Jordy Nelson Is Why Fantasy Football Dorks Need To Wait Til September To Hold Their Fake Drafts

jordy nelson torn ACL

by Tommy Gimler

Believe it or not, some nerds like me have already participated in one or two fake drafts for their six fake football teams this year.

Here’s How You Should Bet The NFC East This Year, You Hookers

APTOPIX Cowboys Seahawks Football

special to the DUD from Sean Green of the Sports Gambling Podcast

Last year I went 3-1 with NFC East win totals using a simple strategy: Shit on all the teams except the Eagles.

Here Is How AFC North Will Finish This Year, Bro

super fat steelers fan

by Rakesh the Intern

Listen, bro. This division is going to be tighter than Cousin Parth’s new wife, and she is only like nine years old, my friend.

Getting Cancer Is Apparently The Best Way To Fire Up Your Team

john farrell

by Frank Rhombus

On the surface, that title makes me look like a bigger asshole than Shia LaBeouf. But seriously, just a little research and remembrance will easily prove my point and make you feel like an asshole for judging me.

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