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Richie Incognito Has Officially Lost It, Thinks Government Is Tracking And Recording Him

richie incognito nuts

by Tommy Gimler

Ironically, Richie Incognito hasn’t been very incognito lately. Or ever, really.

Is Mark Sanchez Impersonating Jon Gruden The Worst Impression Of All Time?

mark sanchez gruden impression

by Frank Rhombus

Jesus. Is Mark Sanchez good at anything?

Vince Young Is Here To Remind You To Stay In School, Kids

vince young harold landry

by Frank Rhombus

Harold Landry is one of those names you would see in a children’s book because it’s so easy to pronounce that even a six-year-old kid could do it.

ESPN Cleveland Idiot Aaron Goldhammer Will Eat Horse Poop Because The Browns Drafted Baker Mayfield

goldhammer idiot

by Tommy Gimler

What is it with the city of Cleveland and its residents’ yearning for introducing horse shit into their calorie intake?

Let’s See How Many Picks Mel Kiper Gets Wrong Again At This Year’s NFL Draft

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 3.21.17 PM

by Tommy Gimler

Whoa. By the looks of things, it appears as though Kiper had no trouble finding the Golden Corral off Interstate 20.

The Story Of How Future Hall-Of-Famer Joe Thomas Cost Me $100

joe thomas retires

by Tommy Gimler

One of the greatest offensive linemen the NFL has ever seen decided to call it quits Tuesday morning.

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