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It’s That Time Of Year Again When We Get To See How Big Of A Bag Of Shit Mel Kiper Is


by Tommy Gimler

There is one reason – and one reason only – why I dish out a few bucks a month to be an ESPN Insider, and that’s to prove to our six or seven readers every year that Mel Kiper gets paid at least six figures a year to be a worthless sack of fuck.

When Drew Rosenhaus Drops You As A Client, You’re Done

manziel at coachella

by Frank Rhombus

Cam Newton was named the NFL MVP and made it all the way to Super Bowl 50 before succumbing to Peyton Manning’s old balls earlier this year, but you didn’t see him dancing like a Kansas City queer in a pit of colored balls at Coachella over the weekend.

And The Oscar For Big Black Cock At The NFL Combine Goes To Chris Jones

chris jones 40 yard dash

by Tommy Gimler

Watch out, Nick Foles. There’s a new big dick sheriff in town.

Check Out How Ridiculous Some Of The Questions Are At The NFL Scouting Combine

NFL: Preseason-Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears

by Frank Rhombus

Q: “Do you think your mother is attractive?” A: “Motherfucker, what did you just say?”

Three Final Thoughts On Super Bowl 50


by Frank Rhombus

Let’s be honest: If you had to compare Sunday night’s big game to accidental nudity, Super Bowl 50 was the equivalent to seeing your great-grandma’s tits.

These Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets Are Perfect Chance To Make Bookie Your Bitch, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Check it out, bro. Most bets made on Super Bowl 50 today will be just like fisting your sister in church pew: illegal, bro.

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