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10 Things We Know After Week 2 Of The NFL

jamaal charles

by Tommy Gimler

If fantasy dorks who “own” Jamaal Charles aren’t shitting themselves yet, they either need to ease up on their cheese intake or must be suffering from severe constipation…

Switching, Public Privacy and Tin Foil

adrian peterson

by Teddy Westside

This whole Adrian Peterson thing has me fucking fired up. Let me first start out by saying I do not condone child ABUSE, but if a father needs to discipline a kid by hitting him once or twice, I certainly am not going to tell him no.

When Is Someone Going To Beat Some Sense Into Janay Rice?

ray and janay rice

by Eddie Bagelstein

It’s time somebody told the truth about this whole Ray Rice wife beating situation. Bitch got what she deserved.

Stop Washing Grandpa’s Nut Sack For Money And Hop On Rakesh’s Football Betting Train, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

This is very important week of betting on American football, bro. Every team has now taken field and we have pretty good idea of what they are each going to be about now, my friend. It’s just like cousin Gokul and billiards. You know what you’re going to get there. He sucks ass, bro. But that is because he has a baby left arm. However, he is not so bad at badminton because you only need one good arm, boss.

People Are Still Wearing Ray Rice Jerseys To Tonight’s Game

ray rice jersey

by Frank Rhombus

And we’re pretty sure that they’re not part of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Adam Feuerberg’s Weekly Report On Two Teams Nobody Else Gives A Shit About

romo blows

by Adam Feuerberg

I love writing about football. Good or bad, there’s always a story to tell, especially within the first few games of the year.

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