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Miami Dolphins Beat Writer Adam Beasley Tweets Out Link To Casting Couch Video

adam beasley casting couch

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, at least it wasn’t a link to a Google search of guys sucking off other guys who look like Cameron Wake. Then things would have gotten really awkward.

This Michael Bush Reaction Was The Only Good Thing To Come Out Of The NFL Veteran Combine

michael bush

by Frank Rhombus

It’s official: The NFL Veteran Combine was sadder than watching a goose try to walk after one of its legs gets smoked by a Titleist.

Stephen A. Smith Is An Idiot, Thinks Chip Kelly Is Racist

stephen a smith chip kelly racist

by Tommy Gimler

Here is how Stephen A. Smith’s brain works: Chip Kelly let Jeremy Maclin go this offseason, but he kept Riley Cooper. Therefore, Chip Kelly must hate black players.

This Guy Was Suspended By The NFL For PED Use?

laron landry ped use

by Tommy Gimler

Oh, you don’t say?

Fake Larry Donnell Tells MSNBC Idiot He Was Sitting In Delta’s ‘Fuck Her In The Pussy’ Section

Fake Larry Donnell MSNBC

by Tommy Gimler

We’re not sure how much it costs to upgrade to that section of the plane, but it sounds totally worth it.

Former Bears Coaches State The Obvious, Say Bears Can’t Win With Jay Cutler

jay cutler bears can't win

by Tommy Gimler

Um, no shit.

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