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South Carolina And Wisconsin Fans Get Ejected From College Football Games The Most

badgers fans

by Tommy Gimler

And our guess is that 95 percent of those ejections involved flasks and barfing.

Hey, Jadeveon Clowney. Nick Saban Might Be ‘Nothing But 5-5,’ But At Least He’s Not A Huge Pussy Like You

jadeveon clowney huge pussy

by Frank Rhombus

There are many professional athletes and coaches whose play and decision-making on the field buys them some freedom to say whatever they want about other players and coaches. Jadeveon Clowney is not one of those guys.

The 5 Most Disgusting American Sports Injuries Of All-Time

paul george

by Tommy Gimler

Don’t want your kid to play sports? Then boy, do we have the article for you! Eating breakfast? You might want to go elsewhere.

Upset Much?

vanderbilt upset

by Tommy Gimler

Our Indian intern Rakesh is licking his smelly wounds after an 0-for-7 ass pounding betting on college football this weekend. Seven teams ranked in the Top 15 taking a loss didn’t help matters. We’ll dive in to show exactly how the boys in Vegas lit their victory cigars and finger banged your girlfriend all the way to bank.

This Should Explain How My Head Felt This Morning


by Tommy Gimler

It could have been that bottle of Pacifico that I pounded down 45 minutes before midnight. Or maybe it was the fact that I had a Budweiser, Coors Light, two different IPA’s, a bottle of beer that someone ripped the label off of and that might have had the end of a Marb Red at the bottom of it, and a shot of Fireball whiskey before that. I’m not sure. All I know is that when I woke up this morning, my head felt like I had been the victim of an eight-hour facesitting sesh with Melissa McCarthy.

The SEC Rules, The ACC Blows, And Here’s Our Retraction Statement


by Tommy Gimler

We posted a story two weeks ago that basically said the BCS and the SEC Conference could eat our asses. Like watching the movie A Thousand Words, that was a big mistake.

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