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Some Dipshit Put Aaron Hernandez In This 2014 Florida Gators Calendar

aaron hernandez calendar

by Tommy Gimler

Did the University of Florida put their 2014 calendar together on “Bring Your Kid With Downs To Work” Day last year? If so, that would explain why former Gators tight end and current inmate number 174954 at the Bristol County jail Aaron Hernandez is Mr. July 2014. Oops, Suzie.

Florida LB Antonio Morrison Arrested For Barking At Police Dog

antonio morrison mugshot

by Tommy Gimler

Taunting a police officer is never a good idea, even when that officer eats his own feces when he’s not on the job.

The SEC Rules, The ACC Blows, And Here’s Our Retraction Statement


by Tommy Gimler

We posted a story two weeks ago that basically said the BCS and the SEC Conference could eat our asses. Like watching the movie A Thousand Words, that was a big mistake.

The Only Thing That Didn’t Happen This Weekend Was Me Getting A Beej


by Tommy Gimler

On location all weekend in Houston, there was no way I was getting any action with my wife over 1,500 miles away. It was exactly the opposite for football enthusiasts across the country:

Finally! No SEC Team In The BCS Championship Game…Right?


by Tommy Gimler

Tomorrow, for the first time since Week 13 in the 2010 season, the #1 team in the BCS will not be from the SEC, and that’s a great thing for college football.

Rakesh Will Try To Make You More Rich, Bro


by Rakesh The Intern

What is wrong with you, my friend? I do this American football betting article for like three Friday now, and you still don’t trust Rakesh, bro? Trust me, bro, and your piles of cash will be higher than a gallon of gas in New York.

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