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Here’s An Alabama Fan Who Lost His Shit And Tried To Kill His Mom And Her Cat Over Chores


by Frank Rhombus

Roll Fucking Tide.

The ‘Ass’ Show That Was The Alabama-Wisconsin Game Last Night

drunk roll tide

by Teddy Westside

I am coming out of a yearlong hiatus to report on – of all things – college football.

Hey, Jadeveon Clowney. Nick Saban Might Be ‘Nothing But 5-5,’ But At Least He’s Not A Huge Pussy Like You

jadeveon clowney huge pussy

by Frank Rhombus

There are many professional athletes and coaches whose play and decision-making on the field buys them some freedom to say whatever they want about other players and coaches. Jadeveon Clowney is not one of those guys.

Alabama-Auburn Rivalry Settled The Old Fashioned Way…Stupidly


by Eddie Bagelstein

Leave it to the Iron Bowl to bring out the world’s smartest football fans. Sure, it’s cliché at this point to associate Southerner with retard, but how do you think clichés come to be?

West Virginia Quarterback Says His First Kiss Was With Nick Saban’s Daughter

kristen saban

by Tommy Gimler

Yeah, that’s probably something you should said after you played Alabama, brah.

Was That A Joint On Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s Couch?

ha ha clinton dix

by Frank Rhombus

Was the newest member of the Green Bay Packers packing some weed yesterday? Look, we’re not necessarily saying it was his – I mean, it could have fallen out of the cleavage of some hooker who came over to give him a good luck handy before the biggest night of his life – but that sure as shit looked like a joint on Ha Ha Clinton-Dix’s couch.

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