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Check Out This Bills Mafia Streaker And Tennessee State Player Who Punched His Own Coach

bills streaker

by Tommy Gimler

There were zero reports of Bills Mafia members humping on the hood of a Toyota Corolla Sunday afternoon, but there was at least one pecker sighting.

Make Bookie Your Bitch Bigtime With These Can’t Miss College Football And NFL Picks, Bro

tcu oklahoma bets

by Rakesh the Intern

Christmas is right around corner and what better way to pay for your kid’s toys made by 8-year-old Chinese kid than by throwing nickel on these “sure thing” bets on the silly game of American football this weekend, bro.

Eagles Fan Chows On Fake Dick, Marshawn Lynch Cusses And Miami Fan Gets Knocked The Fuck Out

eagles broncos game

by Tommy Gimler

Forget climbing Everest, plowing two girls at the same time and then eating at Wolfgang Puck. This is what a true complete weekend looks like.

FAU Takes Safety With Eight Seconds Left And Totally Dicks Over Bettors Who Took Them -6.5


by Tommy Gimler

Lane Kiffin has been delivering dick sandwiches to college football fans for years, but the one he served up to FAU bettors Friday night in their 30-25 win was one for the ages.

South Carolina And Wisconsin Fans Get Ejected From College Football Games The Most

badgers fans

by Tommy Gimler

And our guess is that 95 percent of those ejections involved flasks and barfing.

This Idiot On Tennessee Should Be Looking Forward To A Monday Of Up-Downs, Bear Crawls And Push-Ups

rashaan gaulden

by Tommy Gimler

You can’t fix stupid.

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