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Listen To The Sports Gambling Podcast’s Colby Dant And Friends Talk To Mike Leach About Bigfoot…And College Football


by Tommy Gimler

Show me a coach not named Mike Leach who’s willing to go on the record about Bigfoot and then schemes used today to pay college players, and I’ll show you a fucking liar.

Here’s Chip The Buffalo Drilling Himself In The Pecker With A T-Shirt Gun

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 4.45.17 PM

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a friendly reminder that watching somebody get thumped in the cock and balls is hysterical as long as it’s not you.

Breaking A Dude’s Nose Because Your Domino’s Pizza Is Taking Too Long Seems Totally Logical

shalom luani

by Tommy Gimler

Jesus. Imagine what he would have done if they would have skimped on the pepperoni.

Two Days In And We Already Have A Nominee For 2016′s Douchebag Of The Year Thanks To This Stanford Asshole

annoying stanford fan yelling

by Frank Rhombus

Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey’s Rose Bowl performance last night was just like the first time I stuck my face between a giant set of fake tits: awesome.

Our Experts’ Picks For Tonight’s College Football National Championship


by Tommy Gimler

One of us sells liquor. One of us books models. One of us smokes a shit ton of pot all day long. Still, we’re probably more qualified than Mel Kiper and his bulletproof dome when it comes to talking college football, and that’s because he’s a miserable fucking turd.

No Means No

jameis winston

by Eddie Bagelstein

Remember when Florida State’s war cry was as ubiquitous as getting away with sexual assault? You couldn’t be a passive sports fan without seeing FSU fans tomahawking away like they were forcing opponents to walk the Trail of Tears. And then the Braves got on board and quantified the ubiquity.

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