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Mike Gundy Sends Radio Host $250 Check To Pay For Losing Bet On Oklahoma State

mike gundy check

by Tommy Gimler

He’s a man! He’s 40!

ESPN Hot Mic Picks Up Tommy Tuberville Saying ‘Thank You, Dickhead’

tommy tuberville dickhead

by Tommy Gimler

“I don’t even take a dump by myself.”

That 4th And 29 Play Was Shit From Pig, Bro


by Rakesh The Intern

Check it out, bro. We push last week, but that Chargers game was more disappointing than my cousin Baldev’s SAT scores, my friend. Dude ironically struggles with spelling, bro. I say we put that game behind us look to the weekend at hand because Rakesh is liking what he is looking at or whatever you call it, my friend.

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