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Here’s The Kansas State Marching Band In A Formation That Sure Looks Like A Big Cock And Balls Being Fed To A Kansas Jayhawk

kansas state band dick jayhawks

by Tommy Gimler

Both the Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas State Wildcats scheduled cupcake games against teams from South Dakota for their season openers this year. Well, at least they should have been cupcakes.

Colin Klein’s Wife Is Kind Of Hot

shalin spani

by Tommy Gimler

When the biggest story of the night is Stephen Jackson tripping over a cocktail waitress at Madison Square Garden, you know it’s been a shitty night for sports.

The Only Thing That Didn’t Happen This Weekend Was Me Getting A Beej


by Tommy Gimler

On location all weekend in Houston, there was no way I was getting any action with my wife over 1,500 miles away. It was exactly the opposite for football enthusiasts across the country:

Finally! No SEC Team In The BCS Championship Game…Right?


by Tommy Gimler

Tomorrow, for the first time since Week 13 in the 2010 season, the #1 team in the BCS will not be from the SEC, and that’s a great thing for college football.

Texas and Baylor Might Score 100 Points Before Halftime

by Tommy Gimler

There is still 9 minutes left in the 2nd quarter in Austin, TX, and the Baylor Bears and Texas Longhorns have already scored 56 points. And as you might suspect, neither of them have a shot at the National Championship…

DUD College Football Recap

by Tommy Gimler

It’s halftime of the Oregon-Arizona game, and as usual, Lou Holtz sounds like he is currently having a stroke…

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