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Upset Much?

vanderbilt upset

by Tommy Gimler

Our Indian intern Rakesh is licking his smelly wounds after an 0-for-7 ass pounding betting on college football this weekend. Seven teams ranked in the Top 15 taking a loss didn’t help matters. We’ll dive in to show exactly how the boys in Vegas lit their victory cigars and finger banged your girlfriend all the way to bank.

Oh, So That’s Why The Bills Suck

ej manuel

by Tommy Gimler

Quarterback E.J. Manuel, this year’s first-round reach of the Buffalo Bills, told SiriusXM Radio Sunday that learning the Bills’ offense has been easier than learning the offense he ran at Florida State. Oh shit…

The SEC Rules, The ACC Blows, And Here’s Our Retraction Statement


by Tommy Gimler

We posted a story two weeks ago that basically said the BCS and the SEC Conference could eat our asses. Like watching the movie A Thousand Words, that was a big mistake.

Finally! No SEC Team In The BCS Championship Game…Right?


by Tommy Gimler

Tomorrow, for the first time since Week 13 in the 2010 season, the #1 team in the BCS will not be from the SEC, and that’s a great thing for college football.

That Guy

by Tommy Gimler

Every now and then you see somebody, and the only thought that goes through your dome is, “Thank Christ I’m not that guy.”

DUD College Football Recap

by Tommy Gimler

It’s halftime of the Oregon-Arizona game, and as usual, Lou Holtz sounds like he is currently having a stroke…

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