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This Florida State Fan Had One Hell Of A Time Watching His Seminoles Beat Louisville

florida state hookers

by Tommy Gimler

Surprisingly, Papa John wasn’t the drunkest guy in Louisville this weekend.

We Somehow Missed This Louisville Player Air Jerking It

ronald walker louisville

by Tommy Gimler

There’s beating an opponent and then beating off toward an opponent. Big difference, kids.

Louisville Football Recruit Allegedly Knocked Up His 14-Year-Old Cousin


by Tommy Gimler

You know how television cameras capture the Super Bowl MVP during his finest moment, and he looks in the camera and yells, “I’m going to Disneyworld?” Well, this mugshot is pretty much the exact opposite:

What The Fuck Is UCF Doing In A BCS Bowl?

central florida

by Tommy Gimler

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher yesterday had the stones to say that “it’s funny how often they [the BCS] get it right.” We think it’s once again about as wrong as throwing a laxative in your dad’s Viagra stash.

Upset Much?

vanderbilt upset

by Tommy Gimler

Our Indian intern Rakesh is licking his smelly wounds after an 0-for-7 ass pounding betting on college football this weekend. Seven teams ranked in the Top 15 taking a loss didn’t help matters. We’ll dive in to show exactly how the boys in Vegas lit their victory cigars and finger banged your girlfriend all the way to bank.

Jesus H, Relax. We’ll Make Some Picks


by Tommy Gimler

Everybody relax, you fucking degenerates. And by everybody, we mean both of you. We’ve gotten two requests this week to make some picks for this weekend’s American football games. And while two might not seem like that much to you, it’s two more than we usually get…

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