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If You Win Football Bets With Rakesh This Week, You Will Be Able To Give Hooker Pearl Necklace And Buy Wife Real One, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

Check it out, bro. Another winning week in the world of betting on the silly game of American football, bro. I’m telling you, boss, Rakesh is hotter than two girlies eating fried goat out of each other’s anus, my friend. You might want to start doing something about it, bro.

Alabama-Auburn Rivalry Settled The Old Fashioned Way…Stupidly


by Eddie Bagelstein

Leave it to the Iron Bowl to bring out the world’s smartest football fans. Sure, it’s cliché at this point to associate Southerner with retard, but how do you think clichés come to be?

These Are Winning American Football Bets That Will Get You Penis Sucking From Wife This Weekend, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

I’m telling you, bro. If it has been while since girlie has taken penis out of your Wranglers and put mouth on it without you having to give her Rupee first, then Rakesh is here to make sure you get free beej this weekend because she will be so impressed with your ability to win American football bets. Well, let’s be honest: At least that is what I am hoping for, bro.

Adam Feuerberg’s Somewhat Quarterly Report On Two Shitty Teams The Rest Of Us Couldn’t Give Two Shits About

tony homo

by Adam Feuerberg

Alright dudes, we can put a fork in the Miami Hurricanes season. I know I threw in the towel the last time we met, but my goodness.

Watch This Washington State Fan Eat Shit And Slam Her Dome Into The Pavement

Washington State Fan Slips

by Frank Rhombus

Odds are she was so fucked up after nearly cracking her skull open that you could have gotten her to literally eat shit and she wouldn’t have known any better.

Wife Will Take You To Pound Town This Thanksgiving Thanks To These Winning Football Bets, Bro


by Rakesh The Intern

I’m telling you, bro. I still don’t get this American holiday of giving thanks by stuffing your stomach full of food that would be enough to feed family of four in Howrah for two weeks, my friend. But I do enjoy being able to watch three games of professional American football on television and making bookie my bitch on what should be enjoyable weekend for him.

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