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Hey, Jadeveon Clowney. Nick Saban Might Be ‘Nothing But 5-5,’ But At Least He’s Not A Huge Pussy Like You

jadeveon clowney huge pussy

by Frank Rhombus

There are many professional athletes and coaches whose play and decision-making on the field buys them some freedom to say whatever they want about other players and coaches. Jadeveon Clowney is not one of those guys.

This Lou Holtz and Rich Gang Vine Is The Funniest Thing We’ve Seen Since ‘Philadelphia’

NCAA Football: BCS National Championship-Alabama vs Notre Dame

by Frank Rhombus

Lou Holtz can’t talk. He sounds like fucking Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad when he attempts to utter actual words, but that’s OK because words cannot describe how funny this Vine featuring Rich Gang’s “Lifestyle” jam mashed up with Holtz attempting to speak the English language.

Our Experts’ Picks For Tonight’s College Football National Championship


by Tommy Gimler

One of us sells liquor. One of us books models. One of us smokes a shit ton of pot all day long. Still, we’re probably more qualified than Mel Kiper and his bulletproof dome when it comes to talking college football, and that’s because he’s a miserable fucking turd.

Betting These NFL Playoff Games Are Easier Than My Ex-Girlfriend Akansh And She Was Biggest Slut In Howrah, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

I’m telling you, bro. These former players and fat African men on ESPN would like to make you think that most of these American football games this weekend could go either way. But after I talked with cousin Gokul, he said picking these games is simpler than our cousin Harish, and he was born with just three-quarter brain, my friend.

This Is How You Bet The NFL Wild Card Games, Bro


by Rakesh the Intern

I’m telling you, bro. There are not very many of these American football games left to bet on, but that doesn’t mean you should keep Rupee in pocket and wait for cricket season. Don’t be pussy, bro.

No Means No

jameis winston

by Eddie Bagelstein

Remember when Florida State’s war cry was as ubiquitous as getting away with sexual assault? You couldn’t be a passive sports fan without seeing FSU fans tomahawking away like they were forcing opponents to walk the Trail of Tears. And then the Braves got on board and quantified the ubiquity.

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