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Gonzaga Wins After Being Down 17, Dude Scratches Balls For 40 Seconds During Postgame Interview

Gonzaga Ball Scratcher

by Frank Rhombus

You look familiar. No, seriously. I know you from somewhere. Oh yeah, you’re the dude who itched his stones for over 40 seconds on national television after Gonzaga’s comeback win Saturday night.

Missing Cinderella


by Tommy Gimler

For the first time in four years, I didn’t have to change my shorts once on day one of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Maybe it’s because Busby’s cooks their chicken all the way through, or maybe day one really didn’t produce its usual Cinderella team.

Are You Mad Yet?


by Tommy Gimler

I think I tweaked an oblique and jammed my thumb on the remote watching college hoops last night. 

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