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How About This Kid On The Florida Gators Who’s Missing Half Of His Left Arm Yet Still Went Hard To The Hole For His First Collegiate Points?

zach hod skins one handed player

by Tommy Gimler

Add Zach Hodskins to the list of guys who can plow my sister.

ESPN Is Again Making Something Out Of Nothing


by Andy Ostroff

When I first read about the story out of Vanderbilt where coach Kevin Stallings used profane language to berate his player Wade Baldwin, I thought, “That’s college basketball. I won’t write about this.” Then I watched the video, and guess what…I thought even less of this non-story.

Vanderbilt’s Head Coach To Player: ‘I’ll Fucking Kill You’

kevin stallings i'm going to fucking kill you

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, clapping in an opponent’s face after you beat them on their home court is a dick move, but it’s not as pathetic as a head coach telling one of his own players that he’s going to fucking kill them, especially when you’re the head coach of the winning team.

That Kentucky Game Last Night Was Close…For A Minute

Vanderbilt v Kentucky

by Andy Ostroff

I watched Kentucky beat Georgia…while it was a valiant effort from the Bulldogs there really was no thought in my mind that Kentucky wouldn’t rattle off a quick run to put the game out reach. It was like a kid letting his younger brother come close in Madden only to make him cry three minutes later by scoring 4 unanswered TDs and punching him in the arm.

Kentucky Vs. Wisconsin: A Closer Look Off The Court

wisconsin kentucky

by Tommy Gimler

When the Kentucky Wildcats meet the Wisconsin Badgers at AT&T Stadium Saturday night, it will be a matchup of one school making their 16th trip to the Final Four against one making just their third. Kentucky has won eight national titles, including one as recently as 2012. Wisconsin has won just one national championship, and it’s not a coincidence that it came when black players were still barred from playing in the Big Ten.

Don’t Be An NCAA Tourney Douchebag In The Office On Monday

annoying ncaa office guy

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest here. On Monday, you’re going to expect people to listen to why you’re taking the Bucknell Bison to make the Elite 8 even though you have never been to Lewisburg, couldn’t point it out on a map, and sure as shit haven’t taken in one second of Bison basketball this year.

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