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Cinderella Has a Hot Twin Sister


by Tommy Gimler

The first day of the NCAA Tournament may have lacked excitement, but day two has ripped off her shirt and pulled your face in between her  huge fake cans. Hard. 

We Found Her!


by Tommy Gimler

It took halfway through day two, but gentlemen, there’s a new hot broad in town and her name is Norfolk State.

Missing Cinderella


by Tommy Gimler

For the first time in four years, I didn’t have to change my shorts once on day one of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Maybe it’s because Busby’s cooks their chicken all the way through, or maybe day one really didn’t produce its usual Cinderella team.

Who You Got?


by Tommy Gimler

The best part about filling out brackets is that nobody, not even you Tommy Thurin, gets every pick correct. So, should you just flip a coin to determine the winners?

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