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A Sports Gambling Podcast Pro Is Here To Help You Fill Out The Perfect Bracket

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 20 Div I Men's Championship - Second Round - Villanova v Iowa

by Tommy Gimler

This is the year you finally beat the autistic kid in your group.

Syracuse Getting To Play In This Year’s NCAA Tournament Is A F**king Joke

jim boeheim

by Tommy Gimler

There are greater tragedies in this world, but not many.

Win $100 If You Fill Out The Best NCAA Tournament Bracket

unc basketball

by Tommy Gimler

The DUD Bracket Challenge is back, baby, and this year, we’re going to make you rich, bitch! $100 if you win the damn thing.

Shoutout To Dayton’s Sam Miller For Pissing In His Jail Cell And Then Getting His Ass Kicked By Another Inmate

sam miller mugshot

by Frank Rhombus

Well, at least he got his money’s worth.

Kentucky Fans Still Pissed At One Of The Refs From Sunday’s Loss Are Leaving Some Pretty Damning Reviews Of His Roofing Company


by Frank Rhombus

When it comes to being a college basketball official, John Higgins is pure dog shit.

If Oregon Wins The NCAA Tournament, A 3-Year-Old Kid Will Finish In 2nd Place In Our Bracket Challenge

oregon final four

by Tommy Gimler

Look, odds are your March Madness bracket is almost as busted as Ray Liotta’s face.

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