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And Now Your Bracket Looks Like This Thanks To Michigan State

michigan state upset

by Tommy Gimler

Probably the biggest first-round upset in NCAA Tournament history. Thanks for shoving a screwdriver up our peeholes, Sparty.

Don’t Be An NCAA Tourney Douchebag In The Office On Monday

annoying ncaa office guy

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest here. On Monday, you’re going to expect people to listen to why you’re taking the Bucknell Bison to make the Elite 8 even though you have never been to Lewisburg, couldn’t point it out on a map, and sure as shit haven’t taken in one second of Bison basketball this year.

Who You Got?


by Tommy Gimler

The best part about filling out brackets is that nobody, not even you Tommy Thurin, gets every pick correct. So, should you just flip a coin to determine the winners?

Before you lose your money…


by Tommy Gimler

We’re three days away from the biggest Thursday in American sports, and the only thing we know for certain right now is that Dick Vitale has the longest running case of laryngitis in the history of broadcasting. 

Big Ten Basketball Blows


by Tommy Gimler

It’s the last day of January, and two things have my attention: 1) Will Kelly Clarkson sing the national anthem in less than 92 seconds? and 2) Baseball IQ is the greatest show to hit television since Archer. During a commercial, I changed the channel to catch what was left of the Spartans/Fighting Illini game. One word can sum up what I was watching: puke.

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