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Dizzy Bat + Dribbling A Basketball = Comedy Gold

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 10.38.58 PM

by Tommy Gimler

“This is not going to go well.”

And Now Your Bracket Looks Like This Thanks To Michigan State

michigan state upset

by Tommy Gimler

Probably the biggest first-round upset in NCAA Tournament history. Thanks for shoving a screwdriver up our peeholes, Sparty.

Does Anybody Really Want To Play For Deplorable Cunt Fran McCaffery?

fran mccaffery mad

by Frank Rhombus

Why does Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery always act like he just found out his mom contracted syphilis from his cousin when he sits down for a press conference?

Several Minnesota Golden Gophers Basketball Players Also Enjoy Making Sex Tapes

kevin dorsey sex tape

by Frank Rhombus

The Minnesota Golden Gophers men’s basketball team is so pig shit awful that it takes quite a bit for us to dedicate an entire post to them. One of their players posting a few videos of women getting tag-teamed by him and a pal to Twitter is definitely that “quite a bit.”

Some Big Ten Basketball Player Says He’s Absolutely Crushing Ass On And Off Campus

thad matta shocked

by Frank Rhombus

And since he doesn’t go to Louisville, odds are that pussy isn’t paid for by an assistant coach either.

Duke Over Wisconsin?

Duke v Wisconsin

by Andy Ostroff

That is my prediction for tonight’s game. Yes, the Badgers are the one-point favorite tonight, but there is something spooky going on here.

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