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The UNC Mascot Got Sucker-Punched Seconds After Villanova Crushed His Soul

rameses sucker punched

by Tommy Gimler

Unless you had the under, last night’s national title game was as good as it gets.

NC State To The President After Knocking Off Villanova: ‘Fuck Obama’

nc state fuck obama

by Tommy Gimler

You can’t fault Barack Obama for thinking Villanova was going to advance past the first weekend of this year’s NCAA Tournament. After all, since 2005, all but four #1′s had made it to the Sweet Sixteen.

The DUD At The Final Four: Wichita State Is Gone, But The Shocker Lives On

wichita state cheerleaders shocker

by Tommy Gimler

We visited the Final Four this weekend to take in all of the excitement March Madness has to offer, even though it’s April. Of course, we found that when the Georgia Dome isn’t selling alcohol inside, most of that excitement takes place outside next to the beer vendors. And what better a place to find people willing to test their knowledge of legendary sex moves like the Shocker, Houdini, and Cincinnati Chili Dog.

Wichita State Vs. Louisville: Closer Than You Think

final four

by Tommy Gimler

The Final Four is set to kick off tonight in Atlanta, and that means if you’re lucky enough to be attending the games, make sure to remove all of the valuables from your vehicle before you head inside.

Rutgers Fires Mike Rice For Physical Abuse And Calling His Players Faggots

mike rice

by Tommy Gimler

Just days before the Final Four is set to tipoff in Atlanta, here’s a story that’s more disturbing than Carrot Top’s face.

Don’t Be An NCAA Tourney Douchebag In The Office On Monday

annoying ncaa office guy

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s be honest here. On Monday, you’re going to expect people to listen to why you’re taking the Bucknell Bison to make the Elite 8 even though you have never been to Lewisburg, couldn’t point it out on a map, and sure as shit haven’t taken in one second of Bison basketball this year.

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