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Kentucky Fans Still Pissed At One Of The Refs From Sunday’s Loss Are Leaving Some Pretty Damning Reviews Of His Roofing Company


by Frank Rhombus

When it comes to being a college basketball official, John Higgins is pure dog shit.

So Kentucky Fans Are Taking Their Elite Eight Loss To UNC Really Well

kentucky fans burn stuff

by Frank Rhombus

Although, it’ll actually make sense once you remember that Kentucky was a Trump state.

The UNC Mascot Got Sucker-Punched Seconds After Villanova Crushed His Soul

rameses sucker punched

by Tommy Gimler

Unless you had the under, last night’s national title game was as good as it gets.

UNC-Duke Live Blog Posted Five Days Later

unc duke overtime

by Andy Ostroff

This was supposed to run on Wednesday night, but our intern Rakesh got the runs pretty bad after eating Five Guys for lunch and has been out ever since. Still, the game was so intense and this live blog is so damn funny, that we’re going to run it anyway. Cheers.

Hey, Rashad McCants: Shut The Fuck Up

Rashad McCants

by Frank Rhombus

Former North Carolina basketball standout Rashad McCants said some stupid shit while he was at UNC, but just when you thought he couldn’t possibly be any dumber, he goes and does something like this.

Tuesday Afternoon Mailbag

adrian peterson foot injury

by Tommy Gimler

It’s been quite some time since we last checked our inbox, and let’s just say that puppy was almost as full as an honest priest’s seminal vesicles…

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