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Is Grayson Allen Fucked In The Head Or Just A Giant Asshole?


by Tommy Gimler

Geez. It’s only a game, Focker.

Louisville’s Strength Coach Sure Looks Like He Could Use Some Of Those Hookers

ray ganong losing his shit

by Tommy Gimler

How this guy has made it 30 years at the University of Louisville without succumbing to a massive heart attack is anybody’s guess.

Duke Over Wisconsin?

Duke v Wisconsin

by Andy Ostroff

That is my prediction for tonight’s game. Yes, the Badgers are the one-point favorite tonight, but there is something spooky going on here.

‘Violation Of Team Rules’ Apparently Is Code For ‘Sexual Assault’ In 2015


by Andy Ostroff

This week and last, two players on two different premier NCAA basketball teams were dismissed from playing under circumstances that were more vague than the details of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford explaining his busy weekend. It wasn’t until later that we found out these dismissals were due to sexual misconduct.

UNC-Duke Live Blog Posted Five Days Later

unc duke overtime

by Andy Ostroff

This was supposed to run on Wednesday night, but our intern Rakesh got the runs pretty bad after eating Five Guys for lunch and has been out ever since. Still, the game was so intense and this live blog is so damn funny, that we’re going to run it anyway. Cheers.

Jerian Grant Is The Miles Davis Of College Basketball


by Andy Ostroff

If peeing your pants is cool, then consider me Miles Davis.

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