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Syracuse Getting To Play In This Year’s NCAA Tournament Is A F**king Joke

jim boeheim

by Tommy Gimler

There are greater tragedies in this world, but not many.

Did Jim Boeheim Literally Piss His Pants Yesterday?

jim boeheim piss pants

by Tommy Gimler

To be honest, I’d probably shit myself if I just missed out on a six-figure NCAA Tournament bonus.

From One Orange Disaster to the Next


by Adam Pockross

Syracuse University, my alma mater, just told a bunch of kids who are working their tails off that they will never work hard enough to be the best. So they shouldn’t even try.

This Syracuse Self-Imposed Ban Will Soon Get Worse

fab melo

by Andy Ostroff

I feel like there is much more to come with this Syracuse self-imposed postseason ban. Right now, they will not be able to play in the ACC, NCAA, or (gasp) NIT tournaments.

Quick Hits

by Tommy Gimler

If I write a separate post about everything going on in the sports world right now, I’ll have no time for Internet Porn Wednesday, and I’ve missed funerals for that.

Chucking Bucky


by Tommy Gimler

The forty minutes of Wisconsin Badgers basketball I watched tonight that culminated in a 64-63 defeat to the Syracuse Orangemen reminded me of a bipolar girl I nailed back in ’98. I’m just thankful I had access to multiple forms of alcohol to help get me through both ordeals.

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