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Probably The Worst Call In College Basketball This Year

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by Tommy Gimler

The calendar has hit March, and that means many of you are starting to watch the game of college basketball for the first time since, well, this time last year.

A-10 Tells Players To Do The ‘Bash Brothers’ Forearm Bump Instead Of Handshakes So They Don’t Get Coronavirus

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by Tommy Gimler

It doesn’t matter to us what you believe about the coronavirus, but this is indeed a “shit you not” story about it.

This 86-Year-Old Woman Made A 94-Foot Putt To Win A Car At An Ole Miss Basketball Game

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by Tommy Gimler

I’ll get my intern on it, but off the top of my head, I’m pretty confident that this is the greatest thing that has ever happened in the history of Ole Miss basketball.

If You Had The First Half Under In The Georgia-Vanderbilt Game, Here’s How You Lost At The Buzzer

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by Tommy Gimler

Son of a bitch.

Sometimes You Mistake Ron Burgundy For Ron Jeremy On Live TV And It’s Glorious

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by Tommy Gimler

Here’s one way to make SEC basketball a tad more titillating.

Bill Walton Was Once Again The Most Stoned Man On The Planet Last Night

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by Tommy Gimler

Maui Wowie!

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