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It’s Been Damn Near 40 Years Since Coach K Won His First Game As A Head Coach

coach k 1000 wins

by Tommy Gimler

Like him or not, the fact that Mike Krzyzewski has won 1,000 college basketball games as a head coach is almost as amazing as Paris Hilton’s new tits.

Greg Anthony Has To Pay For Sex?

greg anthony

by Frank Rhombus

Former UNLV stud guard, below-average NBA player and current CBS Sports analyst Greg Anthony was arrested Friday night for allegedly soliciting a hooker in Washington, D.C. during what police called an “undercover operation,” begging the question, “Greg Anthony has to pay for sex?”

Four White Guys And An Egyptian Walk Onto A Basketball Court


by Frank Rhombus

Odds are you didn’t catch last night’s Louisville-Savannah State college basketball game because it’s November, and that means college basketball matters about as much as a Jonas Brother. But after the Cardinals curb stomped the Tigers by 61 points, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino gave us one of the funniest quotes of the year, which of course means that white people everywhere are pissed about it.

The 5 Most Disgusting American Sports Injuries Of All-Time

paul george

by Tommy Gimler

Don’t want your kid to play sports? Then boy, do we have the article for you! Eating breakfast? You might want to go elsewhere.

Louis Slungpue Tells ABC 7 That A Massive Dump Caused The Flood At UCLA

Louis Slungpue UCLA Flood

by Tommy Gimler

Are you one hundred percent sure about that?

Hey, Rashad McCants: Shut The Fuck Up

Rashad McCants

by Frank Rhombus

Former North Carolina basketball standout Rashad McCants said some stupid shit while he was at UNC, but just when you thought he couldn’t possibly be any dumber, he goes and does something like this.

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