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Ain’t That Some Shit When You Dribble Out The Final Seconds Of A Basketball Game Because You Thought You Were Winning But You Were Actually Losing?


by Tommy Gimler

Nobody has ever accused the kids at Bryant University of being smarter than the kids at Brown, but that was ridiculously obvious on the hardwood Monday night.

Kentucky Beat The Piss Out Of A Christian Liberal Arts School By 93 Points Yesterday


by Tommy Gimler

That’ll test their faith.

GW’s Basketball Coach Says The AD Requested Practice Tapes So He Could Masturbate To Them

coach lonergan gw

by Frank Rhombus

Holy shit! Exactly what kind of offense are they running in the nation’s capital these days?

The UNC Mascot Got Sucker-Punched Seconds After Villanova Crushed His Soul

rameses sucker punched

by Tommy Gimler

Unless you had the under, last night’s national title game was as good as it gets.



by Tommy Gimler

“Jake and the Giant Killers” are surprisingly not an early-90s alt-rock band. No, they’re an extremely white group of basketball players who wait until the final horn sounds to crush your parlay.

And Now Your Bracket Looks Like This Thanks To Michigan State

michigan state upset

by Tommy Gimler

Probably the biggest first-round upset in NCAA Tournament history. Thanks for shoving a screwdriver up our peeholes, Sparty.

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