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Hey, Rashad McCants: Shut The Fuck Up

Rashad McCants

by Frank Rhombus

Former North Carolina basketball standout Rashad McCants said some stupid shit while he was at UNC, but just when you thought he couldn’t possibly be any dumber, he goes and does something like this.

Why The Final Four’s Worst Commercial Might Be The Best

Chris Webber Burger King Commercial

by Andy Ostroff

Let’s take a timeout and look at the Chris Webber Burger King commercial. Yes, I wanted to get that lame pun out of the way.

Kentucky Vs. Wisconsin: A Closer Look Off The Court

wisconsin kentucky

by Tommy Gimler

When the Kentucky Wildcats meet the Wisconsin Badgers at AT&T Stadium Saturday night, it will be a matchup of one school making their 16th trip to the Final Four against one making just their third. Kentucky has won eight national titles, including one as recently as 2012. Wisconsin has won just one national championship, and it’s not a coincidence that it came when black players were still barred from playing in the Big Ten.

How Is Verne Lundquist Still Alive, Babe?

verne lundquist

by Menace Diller

Uncle Menace here again on special assignment for my main Cochese, T-Gim and his Daily Upper Decker aka the “D.U.D.” I haven’t seen an acronym fit better than a Hugo Boss bespoke youth rally speech-giving three quarter length rain coat since some blow hard quack in New England decided that having a case of the Winter Blues should be deemed “S.A.D.” OK, babe?

Here Are Some Of The Best Tweets From Thursday’s March Madness

ohio state loses

by Tommy Gimler

The real first day of the 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament once again turned out to be almost as exciting as meeting a girl in Vegas who actually got drilled by the Milf Hunter. And it started with the first game, as #LaterBuckeyes was trending on Twitter less than two minutes after Aaron Craft played what was probably the worst game of his life. Here’s what others in the world of Twitter had to say about the Madness.

Last Chance To Win $100 In The DUD’s Free March Madness Bracket Challenge!

lehigh cheerleaders

by Tommy Gimler

Hey, it might not be a billion dollars for a perfect bracket, but that’s still enough cash for you and your fat wife to enjoy a one hundred 7-Eleven slurpees.

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