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Louisville’s Strength Coach Sure Looks Like He Could Use Some Of Those Hookers

ray ganong losing his shit

by Tommy Gimler

How this guy has made it 30 years at the University of Louisville without succumbing to a massive heart attack is anybody’s guess.

How About This Kid On The Florida Gators Who’s Missing Half Of His Left Arm Yet Still Went Hard To The Hole For His First Collegiate Points?

zach hod skins one handed player

by Tommy Gimler

Add Zach Hodskins to the list of guys who can plow my sister.

Bill Walton Says He Majored In Biology At UCLA ‘On Sorority Row’

bill walton

by Frank Rhombus

Sounds like Bill Walton was the king of that choice collegiate hippie pussy.

How About Former UConn Captain Jeff Adrien Getting Arrested For Stealing A Mercedes From A Valet Stand?

jeff adrien steals car from valet stand

by Tommy Gimler

You remember Jeff Adrien, right? Because we sure as hell don’t.

You Can’t Plow Chicks At BYU, But Sucker Punching Another Player Is Fair Game

nick emery byu sucker punch

by Frank Rhombus

I’ll never totally understand the Mormon faith, but then again, I have a fully-functioning brain.

Some Big Ten Basketball Player Says He’s Absolutely Crushing Ass On And Off Campus

thad matta shocked

by Frank Rhombus

And since he doesn’t go to Louisville, odds are that pussy isn’t paid for by an assistant coach either.

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