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Thursday Night Was About As Good As It Gets For A Sports Night

jake arrieta no hitter

by Tommy Gimler

If you’re not a fan of double-overtime winners on the ice, no-hitters, or game-winning shots with time winding down in playoff basketball games, well, then you can just go fuck yourself.

What’s It Going To Take For Dwight Howard To Be A Big-Time Basketball Player Instead Of A Big-Time Pussy?

dwight howard big pussy

by Tommy Gimler

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard is almost seven feet tall and weighs in at 265 pounds. He’s also 100 percent vagina.

If This Isn’t Traveling In The NBA, Then What The Fuck Is?

dj augustin travel

by Tommy Gimler

Remember that whole “You get two steps” thing you learned when you were six years old? Well, D.J. Augustin took like two thousand steps tonight, and it was still good enough for the zebras.

The Clippers Are Just Like The Red Sox Of Old

DeAndre Jordan, J.J. Redick, Blake Griffin

by Andy Ostroff

Growing up in Boston, I’ve been a life long Red Sox fan. And if you’ve only been paying attention the last ten years or so, you would be quite jealous.  However, I remember further back to 2003, and the feeling I got in my stomach in 2004 before the Sox changed their history forever. I even remember back before that when the Red Sox would rip your heart out, stomp all over it, then kick you in the nuts with their bloody boots.

The Miami Heat Will 3-Peat So Tell Me Something Else About The NBA Playoffs DUDcast

lebron james trophy

by Tommy Gimler, Barry Murphy, and Mandatory’s Gary Dudak

We get together for a podcast almost as often as Melissa McCarthy sheds a few pounds, so when we actually take the time to gather around the kitchen table with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and 18 retro cans of Miller Lite and talk some shop, you know it’s going to be a winner.

Dwight Howard Is A Punk Ass Mother Fucker According To Hip-Hop Legend And “Are We There Yet?” Actor Ice Cube

ice cube

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s face it. These days, Ice Cube is about as gangster as a Dodge Neon, first names with one syllable, and spelling the word gangster correctly. But during a Sunday night performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, Cube stepped back in time to his Lethal Injection days with a profanity-laced outburst directed at new Houston Rockets center/turd Dwight Howard.

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