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Vlade Divac Really Shoved It Up Kings Fans’ Peeholes When He Said He Passed Up A Better Offer For DeMarcus Cousins

vlade divac demarcus cousins trade

by Frank Rhombus

Of course, any deal other than the one the Kings accepted from New Orleans would likely fall under the “better” category. I mean, was there no way to throw in an Anthony Davis used condom?

Start Your Monday Off By Watching Boogie Cousins Get His Dick And Balls Grabbed By Buddy Hield

demarcus cousins buddy hield

by Tommy Gimler

Yeah, I’ll venture a guess that DeMarcus wasn’t there to finish the pick and roll this time around.

Baron Davis’s Alien Abduction Story Surprisingly Is Not The Most Bullshit Claim In Recent NBA History

Baron Davis

by Tommy Gimler

Former well-traveled NBA player Baron Davis is apparently not only traveling from LA to Vegas and back these days but also to alien spacecrafts.

Jason Collins Announces He Is Gay. Where Will He Play Next?

jason collins gay

by Tommy Gimler

Sports Illustrated is in line to make some serious cash money when their magazine hits newsstands this week, and that’s because they are running an exclusive story on Jason Collins, the first active athlete in the four major American team sports to announce his homosexuality.

See, We Told You The NBA Was Easy Money This Year

demarcus cousins

by Barry Murphy

Editor’s note: This article was in our possession yesterday, but we ran with a story ripping the Cardinals manager a new one. As a Cubs fan (hahaha), Murf should be OK with that.

Well, we’re about 6 weeks away from the end of another magical (cough) NBA season, and in my house, that only means one thing: “How much money do I have left to bet on MLB over/unders?”

All-Star Weekend: Who Is The Best Cracker In The NBA This Year?

jack sikma

by Tommy Gimler

The only thing dying off faster than the amount of college degrees in the NBA is the existence of white players who make significant contributions to the stat sheet in categories other than 3-point field goal percentage and shoe size. Of the 25 players currently slated to play in this Sunday’s All-Star Game in the shithole known as Houston, only 4% of them are white, meaning Golden State’s David Lee is going to be one lonely cracker.

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