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All-Star Weekend: Who Is The Best Cracker In The NBA This Year?

jack sikma

by Tommy Gimler

The only thing dying off faster than the amount of college degrees in the NBA is the existence of white players who make significant contributions to the stat sheet in categories other than 3-point field goal percentage and shoe size. Of the 25 players currently slated to play in this Sunday’s All-Star Game in the shithole known as Houston, only 4% of them are white, meaning Golden State’s David Lee is going to be one lonely cracker.

Semi-Bold Predictions For The NBA Playoffs


by Dave Iacch “The Voice of No Reason,” J.P. “The Big Dipper,” and t.i. “the little dipper”


- The Philadelphia 76ers might as well be called the 69ers because they are going to suck until their playoff run poops in their mouth.
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