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New Dallas Mavericks Stud Dennis Smith Jr. Once Tweeted About ‘Slangin’ His Wood


by Tommy Gimler

It appears as though last night’s ninth overall pick is talented both on and off the hardwood.

Kevin Durant Named NBA Finals MVP But He Sucks Balls At Drinking Beer

kevin durant beer

by Tommy Gimler

Hopefully you did something more constructive with your time last night, like repeatedly jamming a screwdriver up your peehole, for example, instead of watching what is easily the worst professional sports league in this great country (Hint: It’s the NBA) wrap up their postseason.

Fans Started Fighting At The End Of The Warriors-Cavs Game Because Of Some ‘Sucka Shit’

NBA finals game 2 fan fight

by Tommy Gimler

Funny. Those two words also best sum up the NBA’s product on the court right now.

Shoutout To The Sacramento Kings For Wishing Anthony Tolliver A Happy Birthday And Then Releasing Him

anthony tolliver

by Tommy Gimler

Happy birthday! Now drop your drawers so we can kick you in the dick.

Shaq’s Right Foot Might Be The Grossest Thing I Have Ever Seen

shaq foot

by Tommy Gimler

And keep in mind that I’ve dropped a deuce in a Michigan frat house.

If You Pay $495 For Lonzo Ball’s Shoes, You’re A Fucking Idiot

lonzo ball shoe

by Tommy Gimler

Well, unless they give you a knob job every single time you’re finished playing hoops, but even that sounds too filthy for my taste.

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