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Just Lovely: Austin Rivers Tells Fan ‘I’m Gonna Slap The Shit Out Of You, Shut The Fuck Up’

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.03.03 PM

by Tommy Gimler

I’d actually pay to see that.

The Utah Jazz Mascot Pulverizing A Clippers Fan In A Bubble Ball Who Bashed A Kid Is Pretty Tits

jazz mascot clippers fan

by Tommy Gimler

Having a bear as a mascot for the Utah Jazz makes almost as much sense as, well, having “Jazz” as the nickname for a basketball team in Utah.

Meet Chuck The Condor, The Northern California Bird Repping The Los Angeles Clippers

chuck the condor

by The DuG

Hide your daughters, Clippers fans. There’s a new big-dick player in town, and his name is Chuck the Condor.

Only Matt Barnes Would Drive 95 Miles To Beat The Shit Out Of Derek Fisher For Plowing His Ex-Girlfriend

matt barnes derek fisher

by Tommy Gimler

Well, OK. So would Dante Cunningham, but still.

#GearUpLA But Try Not To #ThrowUpLA

steve ballmer new clippers logo on conan

by The Dug

Like every piece I have written about the Clippers for the DUD, it begins with pride and praise. Then I add some insight and optimism and transition into some awful emotional experience I have had, thanks to my team.

The Clippers Are Just Like The Red Sox Of Old

DeAndre Jordan, J.J. Redick, Blake Griffin

by Andy Ostroff

Growing up in Boston, I’ve been a life long Red Sox fan. And if you’ve only been paying attention the last ten years or so, you would be quite jealous.  However, I remember further back to 2003, and the feeling I got in my stomach in 2004 before the Sox changed their history forever. I even remember back before that when the Red Sox would rip your heart out, stomp all over it, then kick you in the nuts with their bloody boots.

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