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Just A Friendly Reminder To The Clippers Announcers Than Robert ‘Tractor’ Traylor Is Dead


by Tommy Gimler

“Who’s he play for now?”

Just Lovely: Austin Rivers Tells Fan ‘I’m Gonna Slap The Shit Out Of You, Shut The Fuck Up’

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.03.03 PM

by Tommy Gimler

I’d actually pay to see that.

The Utah Jazz Mascot Pulverizing A Clippers Fan In A Bubble Ball Who Bashed A Kid Is Pretty Tits

jazz mascot clippers fan

by Tommy Gimler

Having a bear as a mascot for the Utah Jazz makes almost as much sense as, well, having “Jazz” as the nickname for a basketball team in Utah.

Meet Chuck The Condor, The Northern California Bird Repping The Los Angeles Clippers

chuck the condor

by The DuG

Hide your daughters, Clippers fans. There’s a new big-dick player in town, and his name is Chuck the Condor.

Only Matt Barnes Would Drive 95 Miles To Beat The Shit Out Of Derek Fisher For Plowing His Ex-Girlfriend

matt barnes derek fisher

by Tommy Gimler

Well, OK. So would Dante Cunningham, but still.

#GearUpLA But Try Not To #ThrowUpLA

steve ballmer new clippers logo on conan

by The Dug

Like every piece I have written about the Clippers for the DUD, it begins with pride and praise. Then I add some insight and optimism and transition into some awful emotional experience I have had, thanks to my team.

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