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The NBA is Easy Money This Year


by Barry Murphy

Anyone who knows my degenerate ass knows I LOVE over-unders. And sure, I went 1-4 in my MLB picks… thanks R.A. Dickey, Allen Craig, and anyone else who made me sell my vintage Rex Grossman bobble head to pay for this season’s losses… but guess what, son, it’s NBA time and this junkie is ready for another beating.

The Sham They Call The NBA

davis stern

by Tommy Gimler

With the first pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the New Orleans Hornets selected Anthony Davis from the University of Kentucky. The problem? New Orleans had the first pick of the 2012 NBA Draft.

Is A Bat Shit Crazy Broad Trying to Fly Away With The Birdman’s Money?


by Tommy Gimler

We posted yesterday that the Internet Crimes Against Children division of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department seized property from Denver Nuggets’ center Chris Andersen’s residence. Not good.

Bird, Bird, Bird. Bird is a Perv?


by Tommy Gimler

Think of a situation in life where, no matter what the circumstance is, nothing good is going to come from it. Getting called down to the principal’s office for example. Or purchasing a Goo Goo Dolls album. Or the Internet Crimes Against Children division of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department knocks on your door.

She Is Literally Out There

Savannah McMillan-Christmas

by Tommy Gimler

20-year-old Savannah McMillan-Christmas was cited for trespassing after stumbling onto the court during Sunday night’s Lakers/Nuggets game.

Semi-Bold Predictions For The NBA Playoffs


by Dave Iacch “The Voice of No Reason,” J.P. “The Big Dipper,” and t.i. “the little dipper”


- The Philadelphia 76ers might as well be called the 69ers because they are going to suck until their playoff run poops in their mouth.
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