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LeBron Crashed Into Jason Day’s Wife And Oh My Christ She’s Fucking Hot

jason day wife

by Frank Rhombus

Ellie Day is lucky LeBron didn’t hit her with his front side with that much force or else she might have been penetrated.

J.R. Smith Is Allegedly Still A Goddamn Maniac

jr smith pizza choking

by Andy Ostroff

J.R. Smith allegedly choked a 19-year-old kid with braces outside of Artichoke Basille’s Pizza in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood earlier this week. This behavior is analogous with other crazy shit associated with Smith, so yeah, I could totally see this being true.

Despite Losing Yet Again, LeBron James Is The Real MVP

lebron james finals loss

by Andy Ostroff

For last night’s Game 6, ABC should have edited their scoreboard graphic so it read “Golden State vs. LeBron.”

We’ve Got Your NBA Finals Predictions Right Here, Bitch

2015 nba finals predictions

by Tommy Gimler

Despite the fact we’ve known who would be playing in this year’s NBA Finals for eight days, Game One finally tips off in a few hours. Who’s going to win? Who’s going to get arrested first? Who’s going to plow LeBron’s mom first? Here’s what our experts think.

Timofey Mozgov Just Gave Us The Best TV Commercial Of All Time

timofey mozgov tv commercial

by Tommy Gimler

Well, except for the Carl’s Jr. one where Charlotte McKinney is walking around in next to nothing. You would know whether or not you’ve seen it because if you did, you would remember how it wrecked your drawers.

Here Are Three More NBA Players Who Should Think About Getting Skinny


by Frank Rhombus

Apparently getting skinny this summer is becoming almost as trendy among NBA players as fucking Carmelo Anthony’s wife. In fact, Carmelo himself became the latest baller to post a skinny pic of himself on Instagram today.

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