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The DUD Dishes Out Its NBA Regular Season Awards


by Tommy Gimler

Sure, the other guys are going to pick the best overall player, rookie, and coach. But only we dish out the awards that matter, like the best player with a Jihad beard.

My Gift To The Gimlers

teddy higuera

by AppleSkosh

Dear Kate – As promised, on your wedding day, I am submitting an article for the DUD as your wedding present.

The Sham They Call The NBA

davis stern

by Tommy Gimler

With the first pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the New Orleans Hornets selected Anthony Davis from the University of Kentucky. The problem? New Orleans had the first pick of the 2012 NBA Draft.

The Shadiest Moments In NBA Playoff History


special to The DUD from Paul Ulane and Gary Dudak at Mandatory

I rarely write stories on or even watch NBA games because I believe that they are the easiest games to fix. Well, cricket might be up there as well, but I’m talking about sports where games last less than eight hours.

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