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This Papa John’s Promotion Perfectly Illustrates How Pathetic The Philadelphia 76ers Are This Year

sad 76ers fan

by Tommy Gimler

It’s not like the 76ers needed an embarrassing Papa John’s promotion to illustrate how pig shit awful they are, but it sure as shit won’t be boosting team morale any time soon.

Kurt Rambis Likes Some Pretty Kinky Shit On Twitter

kurt rambis twitter porn

by Frank Rhombus

Look, I like watching a broad who hates her father get a mouthful of cock just as much as the next guy. I’m just not telling my Twitter pals Rachel Nichols and Joel Osteen about it.

This Latvian Rap Video About Kristaps Porzingis Gave Me A Boner

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 4.59.05 PM

by Andy Ostroff

Now that I live in New York, I suppose I need to get somewhat excited about the New York sports scene, but this could prove to be rather difficult since I am a native of Boston.

I’m A Celtics Fan Rooting For The Warriors Tonight Because Fuck The Lakers


by Andy Ostroff

I am a Celtics fan. I always have been and I always will be. I want them to win every night. They are my team.

Only Matt Barnes Would Drive 95 Miles To Beat The Shit Out Of Derek Fisher For Plowing His Ex-Girlfriend

matt barnes derek fisher

by Tommy Gimler

Well, OK. So would Dante Cunningham, but still.

It Looks Like Joel Embiid And His Shitty Foot Are Going To Miss This Season Too

Philadelphia 76ers V Boston Celtics

by Frank Rhombus

We have good and bad news for Philadelphia sports fans. The good news is that it looks as though the Phillies aren’t going to be the most pathetic sports franchise in America this year. The bad news is that it’s probably going to be the 76ers.

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