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This Latvian Rap Video About Kristaps Porzingis Gave Me A Boner

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 4.59.05 PM

by Andy Ostroff

Now that I live in New York, I suppose I need to get somewhat excited about the New York sports scene, but this could prove to be rather difficult since I am a native of Boston.

Only Matt Barnes Would Drive 95 Miles To Beat The Shit Out Of Derek Fisher For Plowing His Ex-Girlfriend

matt barnes derek fisher

by Tommy Gimler

Well, OK. So would Dante Cunningham, but still.

Here Are Three More NBA Players Who Should Think About Getting Skinny


by Frank Rhombus

Apparently getting skinny this summer is becoming almost as trendy among NBA players as fucking Carmelo Anthony’s wife. In fact, Carmelo himself became the latest baller to post a skinny pic of himself on Instagram today.

How Does Carmelo Anthony’s 62 Points Hold Up Against Other Sports Rarities?

carmelo anthony

by Tommy Gimler

Let’s face it. Somebody scoring over sixty points in an NBA game happens about as often Taylor Swift releases a song that doesn’t blow, so Carmelo Anthony’s 62-point performance Friday night, albeit against the Charlotte Bobcats, was nonetheless impressive. But where does it stand up against other big dick player performances in other sports?

Baron Davis’s Alien Abduction Story Surprisingly Is Not The Most Bullshit Claim In Recent NBA History

Baron Davis

by Tommy Gimler

Former well-traveled NBA player Baron Davis is apparently not only traveling from LA to Vegas and back these days but also to alien spacecrafts.

That Motherfucker Fucked Your Wife

that motherfucker fucked your wife

by Tommy Gimler

It’s not the trash talking from a guy who played zero minutes in last night’s Celtics-Knicks game that is news. After all, this is the NBA we’re talking about, where guys talk shit after hitting a pre-game layup. But the fact that for the second time this season a Celtics player has accused Carmelo Anthony’s wife of being a dirty, dirty whore, well now, that’s something to talk about.

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