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Probably The Greatest Gambling Moment Of The Year

bulls celtics -6.5 thank you

by Tommy Gimler

Here’s a guy who shouldn’t place another wager on a sporting event until after Memorial Day.

I’m A Celtics Fan Rooting For The Warriors Tonight Because Fuck The Lakers


by Andy Ostroff

I am a Celtics fan. I always have been and I always will be. I want them to win every night. They are my team.

Sports Illustrated Makes Jason Collins Out To Be Even More Gay, The Cardinals Put A Rihanna-Esque Beatdown On The Brewers, And Melky Cabrera Hits His First Home Run In Over 9 Months

jason collins gay

by Tommy Gimler

When an athlete reveals to the world that he is gay, it isn’t news. Or at least it shouldn’t be. But when a major sports publication takes the first male athlete from one of the major four sports to come out of the closet and inadvertently makes him out to be a “super gay,” well then, that’s something to talk about.

That Motherfucker Fucked Your Wife

that motherfucker fucked your wife

by Tommy Gimler

It’s not the trash talking from a guy who played zero minutes in last night’s Celtics-Knicks game that is news. After all, this is the NBA we’re talking about, where guys talk shit after hitting a pre-game layup. But the fact that for the second time this season a Celtics player has accused Carmelo Anthony’s wife of being a dirty, dirty whore, well now, that’s something to talk about.

Jason Collins Announces He Is Gay. Where Will He Play Next?

jason collins gay

by Tommy Gimler

Sports Illustrated is in line to make some serious cash money when their magazine hits newsstands this week, and that’s because they are running an exclusive story on Jason Collins, the first active athlete in the four major American team sports to announce his homosexuality.

DUDcast: The Miami Heat Will Repeat So Tell Me Something Else About The NBA Playoffs

Miami Heat Championship

by Tommy Gimler and Barry Murphy

The Daily Upper Decker’s NBA expert is Barry Murphy. Tommy Gimler thinks it’s a fixed sport. Putting these two together to talk about the NBA playoffs made about as much sense as ordering Barely Legal 15 in your hotel room when the internet connection was free.

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