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Clippers Fan Who We’re Pretty Sure Doesn’t Have Downs Sucks At Free Throws

bad clippers fan free throw shooter

by Frank Rhombus

Feel like shit this Saturday morning? Hey, it could be worse. You could be this fucking clown.

Ohio Guard Passes LeBron But Aims To Be #1 At Sounding Like A Basic Bitch

luke kennard is a bitch

by Andy Ostroff

Congratulations to Luke Kennard who just passed Lebron James as the #4 all-time leading scorer in the state of Ohio. Here’s an article about the very impressive feat.

A Female Referee Actually Gave DeAndre Jordan A Technical Foul Last Night For Swearing At…Wait For It…The Basketball


by The Dug

At some point in every Clippers game, DeAndre Jordan yells “god dammit!” at one of his shots that hasn’t fallen in yet.

Journalists Executed By Russell Westbrook

russell westbrook execute

by Eddie Bagelstein

Because we’re nowhere near the point of the season where NBA games matter, I didn’t watch the Oklahoma Thunder beat up on the world-beating Golden State Warriors Thursday night. But I know enough from Russell Westbrook’s post-game interviews to know that the Thunder executed well.

The NBGay Blows

gay nab

by Eddie Bagelstein

Since it’s the NFL and NCAA football postseason, that most wonderful time of the year, it’s easy to forget basketball is even being played right now. In fact, with the Nuggets making no early headlines, these two videos that popped up recently are actually the first time I’ve thought about the NBA all season.

God Bless Us Everyone, Except Swaggy P

Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers

by Eddie Bagelstein

It’s not often you see two Nick Young headlines in one day, or in one year for that matter. But yesterday, as I was being pummeled by my daily deluge of mind-shrinking media, I did just that.

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