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Tim Donaghy Says 100 Percent Of NBA Officials Gamble


by Frank Rhombus

Well then. Our theory that the NBA is nothing more than a collection of fixed games doesn’t seem so fucking stupid after all.

The Refs Blew FIVE Calls During The Final 13.5 Seconds Of Last Night’s Thunder-Spurs Game


by Tommy Gimler

We’ve said before that NBA officials are almost as crooked as Michael Strahan’s fingers, but last night’s crew in San Antonio was fucking brutal.

This Reporter Who Tried To Get Draymond Green To Say Something Stupid About The Houston Floods Can Eat A Bag Of Dicks

draymond green reporter houston floods

by Frank Rhombus

At least eight people have died and thousands more have lost their homes from severe flooding in Houston over the last week or so, and that apparently “inspired” some asshole international reporter to try to get Golden State’s Draymond Green to say something stupid about it.

Thursday Night Was About As Good As It Gets For A Sports Night

jake arrieta no hitter

by Tommy Gimler

If you’re not a fan of double-overtime winners on the ice, no-hitters, or game-winning shots with time winding down in playoff basketball games, well, then you can just go fuck yourself.

Some Assholes Are Selling Bags Of Air From Kobe Bryant’s Last Game On eBay

kobe bryant air from last game

by Tommy Gimler

And some even bigger assholes are bidding thousands of dollars on them.

This Is How You Should Bet Your Kid’s College Fund During The NBA Playoffs

boban marjanovic

by Tommy Gimler

We’ve got our NBA experts Barry Murphy and Gary Dudak in studio to tell you how to triple your stash of bitcoins.

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