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Like A Fat Kid Who Didn’t Know The Buffet Had A Dessert Bar, The Milwaukee Bucks Dropped The Ball

sam dekker milwaukee bucks pass

by J. LaSussa

I can’t fucking believe the Milwaukee Bucks passed on Wisconsin basketball legend Sam Dekker. Fuck them. I’m done.

Does This New Eligibility Rule Proposal Mean The NCAA Actually Gives A Shit About Its Athletes?

karl-anthony-towns draft

by Andy Ostroff

In a rare move, the NCAA is considering a rule change that would actually benefit student-athletes who are considering the NBA Draft.

#GearUpLA But Try Not To #ThrowUpLA

steve ballmer new clippers logo on conan

by The Dug

Like every piece I have written about the Clippers for the DUD, it begins with pride and praise. Then I add some insight and optimism and transition into some awful emotional experience I have had, thanks to my team.

Despite Losing Yet Again, LeBron James Is The Real MVP

lebron james finals loss

by Andy Ostroff

For last night’s Game 6, ABC should have edited their scoreboard graphic so it read “Golden State vs. LeBron.”

We’ve Got Your NBA Finals Predictions Right Here, Bitch

2015 nba finals predictions

by Tommy Gimler

Despite the fact we’ve known who would be playing in this year’s NBA Finals for eight days, Game One finally tips off in a few hours. Who’s going to win? Who’s going to get arrested first? Who’s going to plow LeBron’s mom first? Here’s what our experts think.

Some Ass Clown Told Steph Curry To Stay Away From His High School Because He Thinks He Would Make His Kids’ Already Shitty Lives Even Worse

steph curry asked to stay away from school

by Tommy Gimler

So by this guy’s reasoning, because his students’ lives suck major balls right now, they should never get a day where they can dream or hope for anything better. That’s terrific.

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