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Pistons TV Analyst: ‘I’m Coming In Your Face’

greg kelser im coming in your face

by Frank Rhombus

It takes a lot to get us talking about an NBA regular season game in January, but apparently the suggestion of ejaculating in another man’s face is enough to do the trick.

Great News, NBA Fans: Sting Will Be Performing At Halftime Of The NBA All-Star Game

sting nba all star game

by Frank Rhombus

What, was Kenny G already booked?

This Latvian Rap Video About Kristaps Porzingis Gave Me A Boner

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 4.59.05 PM

by Andy Ostroff

Now that I live in New York, I suppose I need to get somewhat excited about the New York sports scene, but this could prove to be rather difficult since I am a native of Boston.

It’s Official: Delonte West Hates LeBron James


by Tommy Gimler

You would think the guy who banged LeBron’s mom would always have a special place in heart for “The King,” but that’s apparently not the case.

LeBron Crashed Into Jason Day’s Wife And Oh My Christ She’s Fucking Hot

jason day wife

by Frank Rhombus

Ellie Day is lucky LeBron didn’t hit her with his front side with that much force or else she might have been penetrated.

Here Are Some Milwaukee Bucks Players Partying At A Tit Bar The Morning Of Their Loss To The Lakers

Milwaukee Bucks at strip club

by Frank Rhombus

I realized yesterday that the number of broads I fucked this month was higher than the Lakers’ win total this season, and that was really something since I’m married. But thanks to the fucking Bucks, that is no longer the case.

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