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Russell Westbrook Needed Just One Word To Tell Reggie Jackson To Go Eat A Box Of Shit


by Frank Rhombus


J.R. Smith Is Allegedly Still A Goddamn Maniac

jr smith pizza choking

by Andy Ostroff

J.R. Smith allegedly choked a 19-year-old kid with braces outside of Artichoke Basille’s Pizza in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood earlier this week. This behavior is analogous with other crazy shit associated with Smith, so yeah, I could totally see this being true.

If This Isn’t Traveling In The NBA, Then What The Fuck Is?

dj augustin travel

by Tommy Gimler

Remember that whole “You get two steps” thing you learned when you were six years old? Well, D.J. Augustin took like two thousand steps tonight, and it was still good enough for the zebras.

Only Matt Barnes Would Drive 95 Miles To Beat The Shit Out Of Derek Fisher For Plowing His Ex-Girlfriend

matt barnes derek fisher

by Tommy Gimler

Well, OK. So would Dante Cunningham, but still.

LeBron’s Twitter Game Is Money

lebron james twitter money

by Andy Ostroff

On second thought, it’s kind of boring, like a WNBA slam dunk contest kind of boring. It’s interesting at first because you think it might be something unique, but then you realize there’s nothing exciting because everyone is jumping off of one foot and dunking with one hand, and most can’t even do that.

A Woman Told Cosmopolitan That Some NBA Player Used To Treat Her Like One Of His Teammates When They 69ed


by Frank Rhombus

I’m not sure why we threw a picture of Tim Duncan in with this story other than the fact that he seems like a very team-oriented guy.

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