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Clayton Kershaw Is Must-See TV And I Can’t Fucking Watch It

Clayton Kershaw

by Frank Rhombus

That’s it! After reading that Clayton Kershaw won his tenth straight game and pitched his second consecutive complete game, I’ve fucking had enough. The guys at Time Warner and DIRECTV need to put their dicks back in their khakis, sit the fuck down, and hammer out a deal so I can finally watch the goddamn Dodgers play some baseball this summer.

The Top 5 MLB First Half Fantasy DUDs

harper thumb injury

by Tommy Gimler

Matthew Berry and Eric Karabell are huge fucking dorks at the four-letter, and they told you to draft these guys before the 2014 MLB season started. But odds are if you still have these turds on your fantasy baseball team, you’re almost as far away from winning a championship as Danica Patrick is from winning a race on American soil.

The Funniest First Half Breakdown For All 30 MLB Teams

brewers walk off

by Tommy Gimler

Brewers and Athletics fans probably have permaboners, as their respective teams have been hotter than Kate Upton and Imogen Thomas bumping hump holes. Meanwhile, if the old fucks in St. Petersburg nursing homes haven’t had a chance to catch any Tampa Bay Rays games yet, they should just take a look in their diapers to see what their team has been playing like.

The Most Overpaid MLB Players Of 2014 So Far

bj upton sucks

by Tommy Gimler

You know B.J. Upton is going to make the list, but who else is going to join him on the podium of overpaid turds?

Is This Really The Best Protective Hat For Pitchers MLB Could Come Up With?

Alex Torres MLB Protective Hat

by Tommy Gimler

If you thought that fucking dork from The Sandlot looked ridiculous wearing his oversized trout hat, wait until you see the laugher San Diego Padres reliever Alex Torres decided to wear during last night’s game against the Dodgers.

Remembering Two Of Baseball’s Best Guys


by Adam Feuerberg

This month, we lost two of the very best the game of baseball has ever and will ever produce. Their lives could not have been any different, one a journeyman player and coach whose baseball career spanned an entire lifetime, and the other a Hall of Fame hitter, possibly the best of his generation, whose life was cut short due to illness. Regardless of how divergent their lives might have been, there is no doubt in my mind that Don Zimmer and Tony Gwynn represented everything that made baseball in the 1990s so great. In the face of home run records falling due to rampant steroid use, and contracts ballooning beyond rational market value, it took a couple of overweight guys toward the ends of their respective careers to show me that the game could still be fun.

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