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So, Don Mattingly Is A Goner, Right?


by Tommy Gimler

If the Dodgers have any shot of winning the whole fucking thing while Vin Scully still has a pulse, then somebody’s got to go.

Imagine How Awesome The MLB Postseason Would Be If Baseball And Its Umpires Weren’t So Fucking Retarded

nlds game 2 slide

by Frank Rhombus

Imagine how awesome Major League Baseball would be if they had instant replay. Then they would never get any calls wrong. Oh wait…

A Quick Note For Those Overzealous Dodgers Fans…


by Andy Ostroff

…who can speak/read English.

Is Kike Hernandez The Worst Sports Name Ever If You Pronounce It Wrong?

kike hernandez

by Tommy Gimler

It’s offensive, but it’s no Rusty Kuntz.

Madison Bumgarner Has Made Clayton Kershaw His Bitch

Madison Bumgarner

by Andy Ostroff

Having adopted the Dodgers as my second favorite team, this is kind of hard to watch. In fact, I feel guilty just talking about it.

Adrian Gonzalez Is Hotter Than Two Broads Scissoring Each Other In Church

adrian gonzalez three home runs

by Frank Rhombus

Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez’s numbers through three games are bigger than Melissa McCarthy’s gunt: .769 average, 5 HR, 7 runs, 7 RBI, and a 2.846 OPS.

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