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2015 NL East Preview


by Matty Ballgame

Damn. It’s looks as though Bryce Harper lifted a weight or two in the offseason.

Ruben Amaro’s Fake Gmail Account Is Shit Your Pants Awesome

ruben amaro gmail

by Tommy Gimler

When Jayson Werth leaves a message entitled “$126 MILLION AND IN FIRST PLACE – BLOW ME,” you’ve got our attention.

Cliff Lee Farted At The End Of His Interview Last Night

Cliff Lee Fart

by Tommy Gimler

Baseball players and managers farting during postgame interviews is becoming almost as common as an East Coast frat house rape. The latest to join the trend was Philadelphia’s Cliff Lee, who blew ass on Comcast Sportsnet after answering several questions pertaining to his shittiness last night.

The Funniest First Half Breakdown For All 30 MLB Teams

brewers walk off

by Tommy Gimler

Brewers and Athletics fans probably have permaboners, as their respective teams have been hotter than Kate Upton and Imogen Thomas bumping hump holes. Meanwhile, if the old fucks in St. Petersburg nursing homes haven’t had a chance to catch any Tampa Bay Rays games yet, they should just take a look in their diapers to see what their team has been playing like.

DUD MLB Preview: 2014 NL East Projected Standings

bryce harper cover

by Tommy Gimler

Everything is falling into place for the New York Mets to be major players…in 2021.

Somebody Sent Cliff Lee Some Fingernail Clippings In The Mail

cliff lee

by Tommy Gimler

People send weird shit to athletes and celebrities all the time. Sometimes it’s topless Polaroids. Sometimes panties laced with anthrax. But Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cliff Lee is the only person we’ve ever heard of receiving fingernail clippings.

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