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Bryce Harper Is Hotter Than Charlotte McKinney Eating Chocolate Ganache Out of Kate Upton’s Asshole

bryce harper on fire

by Tommy Gimler

Even the most casual of baseball fans knows that Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is on fire this month. It’s just that nobody has said it as eloquently as us.

The Mets Are Hotter Than Charlotte McKinney Scissoring Kate Upton At Your Mom’s House


by Tommy Gimler

Bartolo Colon is 4-0 for the first time in his career, and he’s been pitching since Bill Clinton was harassing interns in the White House. That’s how good things are going for the New York Mets right now.

Bartolo Colon Got An RBI Base Hit Today, And It Was The Funniest Thing Since My Grandpa Shit His Pants At Easter

bartolo colon rbi single

by Frank Rhombus

Let’s be honest: Watching a fat guy do anything in slow motion is a real treat.

2015 NL East Preview


by Matty Ballgame

Damn. It’s looks as though Bryce Harper lifted a weight or two in the offseason.

2015 National League Win Total Over/Unders Are Out, You Hookers


by Tommy Gimler

It’s 12 degrees in Milwaukee today, so odds are that any news about the boys of summer will be a welcome sight for those poor fuckers.

Chipper Jones Doesn’t Think Sandy Hook Happened

Chipper Jones Sandy Hook Tweet

by Tommy Gimler

As a retired baseball player, you have two responsibilities: show up for card signings on time and don’t say anything stupid. Well, I suppose if you can find the time to sleep with your own wife for a change, that would be somewhere on the list as well. Any crap, Chipper Jones fucked that up over the weekend.

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