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The Argument For And Against Major League Baseball Reinstating Pete Rose

pete rose not reinstated

by Tommy Gimler

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred couldn’t give two fucks that Pete Rose is his sport’s all-time hit leader.

Here’s Pete Rose Betting On The Ponies At Mandalay Bay In The Middle Of The Day

pete rose gambling 1

by Tommy Gimler

In his defense, that 4-6-1 trifecta box was a fucking lock!

Matt Garza Is Quite The Sack Of Fuck This Year


by Tommy Gimler

At this point, the Milwaukee Brewers are better off sending out a bag of cow shit to the mound. I mean, at least it won’t groove an 86-MPH “fastball” down the middle for an opponent to hit 450 feet over the wall.

Probably The Funniest Tweet Of All Time

pete rose standing ovation

by Tommy Gimler

Thanks to yesterday’s All-Star Game being played in Cincinnati, Reds great Pete Rose was all over our TVs like Kevin Spacey on an unsuspecting male production assistant.

Pedro Strop Thanked The Heavens For His Dog Shit Performance Last Night

pedro strop thanks the heavens

by Tommy Gimler

Somebody needs to tell this kid that pitching one-third of an inning and giving up a home run is no longer considered a good outing for the Cubs.

Some Asshole Was Knitting At Last Night’s Brewers-Nationals Game

asshole knitting at brewers game

by Frank Rhombus

Just so we’re straight (unlike this fucking guy), I can’t bring a plastic bottle of water into the ballpark if the seal has been broken, but this fucking clown can bring in two knitting needles that could be used to stab a player or poke another fan’s eyes out when they try to make a play on a foul ball? That’s terrific.

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